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www.dcj20 wrote on Feb 27th, 2018 4:29am

hows the career, band and life man ?


SomeEvilDudea wrote on Sep 11th, 2013 7:29pm

Well, for anybody who bothers to come here, this is my farewell post.

A full time job in the military, combined with a wife, children in the near future, an active band, a University degree, regular martial arts training and fitting in time to practise the guitar and piano mean that I don't really have a lot (read: any) time to get on here and doss about any more like I used to.

I'll still probably be floating around from time to time checking tabs, but elsewise, that'll probably be it for me. Those who want to stay in touch, PM me and we'll sort something out (emails, Facebook etc.), but otherwise, goodbye all. It's been an enjoyable few years on here (so close to hitting a tenth anniversary!) but I don't feel like I can be regular, active member of UG any more at this stage in my life.

Later, friends x


SomeEvilDudea wrote on Aug 14th, 2013 6:26pm


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