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Friday, December 03, 2010

Watch out, be politically correct :)

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Political correctness, has it gone so far? I mean… of course everyone should have equal rights, so I understand gay rights, gay marriage, but… gay pride? I don’t really get it, what are they proud of? What do homosexuals have that a heterosexual can’t be proud of? Maybe all men got to have a parade celebrating their women too? Oh, don’t get me started about those.
            Yes women have been struggling with sexism since Eve, but if you replace every “his, he, and him” to “hers, she, and her” like what my English professor wants, isn’t that sexism in the other direction? Give it a couple of centuries and maybe we will have men protesting when they can’t vote or work anymore.  Can’t I really pray at my Church to God the father anymore? Only a mother it is? Do you want to change the Lord’s Prayer too, so that it can be “Politically Correct”?
            Now that’s beyond intimidating about where these countries of political correctness are going. Everyone has the right to practice HER own religion, except Christians because they are evil of the medieval and the haters of the new age. Put a priest in jail for writing about what the Bible got to say about homosexuality, but when Muslims say they are going to behead the infidels, you let them build a Mosque where they once killed your friends.
            That's happening at the same time that Muslim governments are banning churches and shooting those who disagree all over the Muslim countries. Does political correctness work both ways? No, you can’t build a church in most of the Muslim and Arabic countries, it hasn’t been done in the past fourteen hundred years and I don’t know about the next two thousand years. A Muslim woman wants a case in court because school wanted her to take the face veil off in a final exam, another lady because they refused to have her driver’s license photo taken with her FACE VEIL on, WHAT?!! Why don’t you go to where you come from where you were not allowed to drive AT ALL because women are not even allowed to drive in your “Muslim” culture that you are so proud of and won’t give up its clothing? If you disagree with her, you're the closed minded and all what's been wrong with your country for the past hundred years, you started World War II and you raped a child in your family. Live with guilt, and think everything that's wrong with the world is because of your small Church around the corner, your white ancestors, and your evil country. I hate my country, my belief, my identity, my heritage... Congratulations! you are politically correct! Tell me political correctness hasn’t gone so far?
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jeffreywilliams wrote on Dec 4th, 2010 12:11am

I replied on my blogger. (too many texts to to post here. U inspired me to write a blog. Thx.
You can view it at -for-your-right.html


SocialismCrossa wrote on Dec 4th, 2010 12:29am

Thanks man. Read it and it's even more profound than my angry blog, it's angry but true though.


Rahkshinaw wrote on Oct 30th, 2011 6:21pm

I have no preference on religion (I don't consider myself atheist) but I get at what your saying. Everyone should have a right to practice their own religion. I may not be a Christian but I have fought against the law that says you can't pray at school. That's just retarded. The idiots let Muslims build a MOSQUE where the Twin Towers once stood. I have raged about that ever since they approved it. I don't care what religion you are or if you don't have one, these are morally wrong.


SocialismCrossa wrote on Oct 31st, 2011 11:09pm

Thanks for the comment.

I don't have a problem with the belief of anyone. One of my best friends is an atheist and he's one of the people I know that you can have a very mature, productive conversation with. We played music together, hanged out, had debates, you name it.

My problem is with granting some rights for people, while depriving others from it, just because they're a minority. If everyone should have equal rights, then everyone should have equal rights.


Rahkshinaw wrote on Nov 1st, 2011 3:06pm

indeed. Everyone should have the same rights as everyone else... of course there still needs to be restrictions. Like minors should still have more restrictions mainly because they need to mature. (Myself included)


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