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Friday, December 03, 2010

Watch out, be politically correct :)

Current mood: worried

Political correctness, has it gone so far? I mean… of course everyone should have equal rights, so I understand gay rights, gay marriage, but… gay pride? I don’t really get it, what are they proud of? What do homosexuals have that a heterosexual can’t be proud of? Maybe all men got to have a parade celebrating their women too? Oh, don’t get me started about those.
            Yes women have been struggling with sexism since Eve, but if you replace every “his, he, and him” to “hers, she, and her” like what my English professor wants, isn’t that sexism in the other direction? Give it a couple of centuries and maybe we will have men protesting when they can’t vote or work anymore.  Can’t I really pray at my Church to God the father anymore? Only a mother it is? Do you want to change the Lord’s Prayer too, so that it can be “Politically Correct”?
            Now that’s beyond intimidating about where these countries of political correctness are going. Everyone has the right to practice HER own religion, except Christians because they are evil of the medieval and the haters of the new age. Put a priest in jail for writing about what the Bible got to say about homosexuality, but when Muslims say they are going to behead the infidels, you let them build a Mosque where they once killed your friends.
            That's happening at the same time that Muslim governments are banning churches and shooting those who disagree all over the Muslim countries. Does political correctness work both ways? No, you can’t build a church in most of the Muslim and Arabic countries, it hasn’t been done in the past fourteen hundred years and I don’t know about the next two thousand years. A Muslim woman wants a case in court because school wanted her to take the face veil off in a final exam, another lady because they refused to have her driver’s license photo taken with her FACE VEIL on, WHAT?!! Why don’t you go to where you come from where you were not allowed to drive AT ALL because women are not even allowed to drive in your “Muslim” culture that you are so proud of and won’t give up its clothing? If you disagree with her, you're the closed minded and all what's been wrong with your country for the past hundred years, you started World War II and you raped a child in your family. Live with guilt, and think everything that's wrong with the world is because of your small Church around the corner, your white ancestors, and your evil country. I hate my country, my belief, my identity, my heritage... Congratulations! you are politically correct! Tell me political correctness hasn’t gone so far?
9:45 pm - 5 comments - 4 Kudos
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poster of an American Soldier

Current mood: angry

I've moved recently to live with someone from Canada, and in my room there are some things on the wall, A Crucifix, some christian themes, American flag, and a poster of an American soldier with caption written: "You have only the rights you are willing to fight for".
That person came back from work, came to my room, sat on the sofa and saw that poster for the 1st time, flipped out and went: "What's that on your wall ?!" Shouldn't everything in this home glorify the name of God ! This guy is ready to
shoot someone and that's not Christian, where is peace !"
Ok, I'm a Christian but i'm really pissed off with this kind of Christians. They are either:
Hypocrites, because if someone breaks into their home, are they going to call 911 or get him some food and let him go after he's done.... because Jesus said "love your enemies" ?
Damn ignorant, as these kind of people are clueless about the threat on the US and Canada from millions of Islamic Militants around the world, that are ready to invade, slaughter, rape, and apply "Allah's Law". Needless to mention the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. The war is declared everyday by extreme Islamic leaders on the other hemishpere of the planet, when hippies, and some christians are about "Giving peace a chance".

:angry: Seriously I wanna know what they mean by that? Because if it wasn't for the American and Canadian Troops, and the brave men ready to shed their blood overseas and at home, Canada would have been an Islamic nation under the rule of Iran or Taliban, or maybe Toronto would be the capital of India or China.
In other words, that privilege of freedom, is the outcome of a job that's done by brave men (and women) of the Canadian and American Troops.
It's like someone is saving your butt, and instead of a "Thank You", you're letting him take all the shame.

If the US "gave peace a chance", I'd like to see those who protest to cut the military spending if there are 10 million muslim militants on their land, stealing their gifted, not earned current freedom, and the system they are proud of.
They would just come crying to those they bring the shame on, and asking to "kill, fight, sabotage...but just save my ass if thats what it takes".
It's just like the people I'm living with; if someone broke into their house, they would forget all that crap and call 911.

For the Canadians who don't support the troops, for hypocrite Christians, hippies...PLEASE, show some respect to those taking the shame instead of you.
1:14 am - 12 comments - 4 Kudos