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Friday, October 03, 2008

Philosophy thing

Copy and pasted from facebook :)

Well, yeah, i thought it'd be a bit of fun to all of those out there who know and do and are good at philosophy to comment and destroy my philosophical outlooks on certain things.

I do realize that these are all flawed in so many ways, but i do believe that philosophy evolves through debate and destruction. So, here we go.

A bit of a big thing first, God. That's right, my view on God or any kind of spiritual being. Now, if you're christian, i understand that a crusade is heading my way, because i am here to disprove the belief in God.

Strictly, a christian is someone who believes either in God, or the resurrection of Christ himself. Lets look at belief for a second, shall we?

Belief in itself, is flawed. How? It's quite simple. Allow me to explain. Humans themselves, despite knowing something to be true, can quite simply state that they "Do not believe it". For example, the July 7th bombings, people were stating that they "could not believe it". "Alas Eli, that is a statement, it cannot be perceived as true at all!" I hear you screaming at your computer screens, just waiting to click "Post comment" and destroy me in such a way. But this use of statement is human nature. Nothing we know we believe as true until factual proof is given, so until the point of that factual proof being given, we are unsure as to it's truth. I do understand this is taking a rather empirical route on the subject, but nevertheless, it gets the point across.
Belief, can also be dis-spelled with another simple example. Children (aww, aren't they cute ;D) can be brought up to believe that their adoptive parents are their biological ones. This lie is proof that belief can be flawed, because despite believing something is true, it is not. I do realize, that what you define as "parent" comes into play, whether it be someone who takes care of the child all of their life, or with DNA, but DNA speaking, until someone has received a DNA test, they are unaware. (Unless told by the parents otherwise) Innate ideas also don't come into play here, as a child would instantly reject the adoptive parent if they knew who their parents truly were. The two examples (which made a lot more sense inside my head XD) show how i feel that a belief in God is ultimately flawed. We believe that God exists due our parents and teachers telling us that God is this brilliant magical figure who makes these lovely things. They only know because of their parents and teachers, all the way back to those who originally were there.
The storytellers were most likely the original preachers who wanted to catch people with stories of "Mr Magical Jesus Christ and his walk on water party trick".

I know Craigo, Luke, Megan, Josie, James and everyone is going to absolutely DESTROY that argument, but if it further helps my understanding, then i think it'll help right?

Onto the next thing.

Now, this i haven't really had much to think about, as I've spent most of the day constructing my argument about God in my head with relevant examples, and so, we go, onto Morality and how we should all behave to each other.

Now, I do not know if I am in a dream world, or sleep like state, dreaming I am doing things or not. Descartes much? I think so. ;D

So, with this in mind (me being in a constant dream) i should be able to conduct anything and everything i please, only to wake up some seconds later to hear myself saying "What a wonderful dream, i set fire to an orphanage and made love to hundreds of beautiful women whilst eating mashed potato and playing on my xbox360".

With this in mind, my dreamworld should be a type of near reality place where i can conduct anything. If this is true, then i should surely have no morals (no difference, I'm sure you'll agree) and do as i please, when i please. I should be out right now having sex with under 5's whilst desecrating graves with excrement and pushing my clenched fist into the faces of pensioners to go and score some smack.

However, we all know this is false. Or do we?

With no way to distinguish between this supposed dream and reality world, then how do we know when reality becomes dream, and vice versa?

Honestly, I have no idea. With no way to determine, then the only way we could figure it out is if we ask in possible reality about things that happened in the dream world. But again, no way to distinguish means that you wouldn't know if you were asking dream me about the time you nearly crashed your car, or reality me.

I just realized i covered some existence stuff there. Which was a bit silly, i rambled on off topic. But still, you get the idea right? If we're in our dream worlds then it is morally acceptable to do what we please when. But with no idea or way to prove that we're not brains in jars being pumped occasional stimuli, it would be morally acceptable to be politically correct, dress well, and abide law, just to be on the safe side.

And finally, something that has plagued me, the theory of knowledge.

"Oh hooray" i hear craigo mutter, cracking his readied typing fingers, knowing that yet another horribly flawed argument is coming along for him to take giant steaming shits all over.

Well, in all honesty, Rationalism and Empiricism are very complicated as is. To be honest, i appear in my mind, to be a bit empiricist, even though i fully respect rationality. For example, the idea of innate ideas, that babies know who their mothers are etc, i feel doesn't really exist, as the only reason i know who my mother is, is due to me being told who she is all my life. I agree that there is a maternal parent/child bonding, but this is only due to the child being placed in it's mother's arms after birth. (yes, i know that's probably wrong ;D)
Another example. The idea of 2+2=4. Yeah. I said it. I know that wherever you go, this will always stay constant. But with humans, i feel that to know 2+2=4 is to have experienced it. I didn't know 2+2=4 was true until i had counted it on my fingers. I don't however believe that to make sure it's true, i have to keep on asserting that i know this knowledge. 2+2=4 is very much like an Analytical Proposition. the subject "2+2" is the same as it's predicate "4". Because 2x2 is 4, the subject represents or is the definition of 4 (in a way). It's the same (in a way) as the analytical proposition "All Bachelors are unmarried men". The subject is the same as the predicate.
But anyway, unless you have experienced a lot of things, then you can't know them to be true. I do realize that this is opening up a huge tin of worms that will infest my rotting corpse until my brain explodes, but it just seems that way to me. I like to think however, in a rational way, that triangles, no matter what, will have 3 sides with an inside angle of 180 degrees. Even if we find an alien race, who's name for triangle is m'gumbak, the shape of a triangle will still have an inside angle of 180. I won't have to go to planet P'a't'ratttttt and go measure a load of m'gumbaks to find out, because it's constant.

Well, that's pretty much all of it. I know pretty much none of it makes any sense whatsoever, i also understand that it's flawed in so many ways. But what i want you to remember, is that i did this for fun, and that i don't want to be seen as preaching this as truth. Nothing I've said here should be perceived as truth (unless you stop perceiving it, then it goes away (except for God, honest ;D)) because i saw it as a bit of fun. I basically had a little epiphany whilst bored in philosophy and spent 3 hours thinking about things. I have posted this to let people further my understanding of philosophy and to help me further my theories.

Cheers. Eli x

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Friday, July 18, 2008


That's right, for anyone interested to know, i have seen the UK's top (or one of the top) Death(?) metal bands. Last night, in the Bristol Bierkeller.

Got to hang out with the guys afterwards, stole a setlist, got it signed, and then stole a wall poster advertising the event.

Oh and i bought an amputated t-shirt, which says "Thrash out, with your gash out"
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

36 Crazyfists!

Oh my dear shit boys and girls....oh my dear shit on toast.

I saw them in Birmingham on the 11th...and my god.

[IMG] 2/07/432683458a8002489692o.jpg[/IMG]

I met brock! And T! and Mick!

I didn't get to meet steve though, he was busy drinking =[

But still! 36 Crazyfists live! Brock touched my face, and my hand, and my arm :haha: And he even put the mic infront of my face whilst i was singing....well...i say singing :haha:

All i can say is, I've met Brock Lindow, and you haven't, and i've hugged him and shaken his hand. That makes me feel like a winner.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Referring back to my other blog....

Things are on the up :D

Life is now back in the green, with everything going amazingly!

I have a job at Sainsbury's and inductions from 9-6 monday-thursday (all paid :D)

It was my birthday wednesday aswell, so i'm a year older/wiser/happier.

And i realised why be depressed about my lack of females when i have such amazing friends in my life, including those who i find on UG.

Thanks to all my UG buddies :cheers:
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ahh fuck it.

Well UG, it seems to be that time that we all get at a certain point.

that's right, it's the "why fucking bother" moment.

I honestly don't see the point in doing alot of things right now.

I seem to be absolutley shit at playing guitar. I can't write anything that sounds good at all. I've spent about 3/4 weeks trying to write something other than the fucking intro for one fucking song. I've got the intro, which i'm now sick of, and i'm beginning to think that it's shit aswell

I can't do anything relasionship wise. On monday i got the "we'd be better off as friends" talk from a girl i thought i was going to be going out with, and who i was going to ask out later this in yesterday or today. But heaven forbid any good fucking fortune comes my way. Cupid is a sadistic cunt.

My college grades reflect how much i like my lessons. I got a B in my history exam, and i love history. My English i got a U, but that's only because we were studying Robert fucking Frost and his poetry bores me more than watching paint dry. I got an E in law, which to be honest was a shocker for me, because i thought i was going to get a slap from the examiner for fucking up so badly. I HATE law so much. My teachers seem to have gone absolutley batshit at my class aswell, because all of us seem to have fucked up. In all honesty, if the entire class has fucked up. It's the teachers, not the students.

Finally, to end my little rant at life, i'm really pissed off that about 5 weeks ago, i was really fucking happy. I mean seriously. Infact, not even 5 weeks. Try about 1 and a half. I was so happy, always in a good mood. But now, anything seems to be able to send me into either a state of rage or the feeling that if i don't get out of my skin i'm going to cry like a child attatched to a 12V battery. I mean, why the fuck does sadness just come out of the blue and rape you violently like that? I mean, for fucks sake, it could at least give some warning so you can stock up on ice cream and other delicious snacks.

So, to all that took their time to read this, cheers.
The final word of this blog is that i feel completley drained of inspiration, bitches be crazy and cupid is a sadistic cunt, college seems to be going absolutley shite, and my anger and sadness ratio goes up and down like the pants of an indecisive Belgian hooker at a waffle, sprout and crack party.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Current mood: Happpy yet Empty

heylo there UG, your blue ranger here
anyone else going into college in the UK and is worried about it?
I'm bricking it personally, but at least college will help me on my way to becoming an English teacher. Oh well, just take every day as it comes i guesss.
have a good one guys :D
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