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Friday, February 04, 2011

Album challange, day tres, amigo

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So, I said I'd update this every day. I lied. :p

Too lazy, was working on stuff, not like a lot got done anywho.

=============Status update: Day 3===========

Wrote a near-complete speed metal song today, it uses a lot of interesting elements. It has all your shredding parts, but I feel the parts are unique, not cliche speed metal licks. So epic win. I'm thinking I'll keep this one until the end, to give people something to anticipate. :p:

Also began writing/recording an up-beat blues-rock song, should be interesting. Will probably release a demo of it.

Also began 2 other songs, one a metal, fast-paced harmonic-minor based song, and the other a song of harmonies. :p:

I'm also going to revisit 'Chillin'' on my profile, as I want to get the tone right, and add a bit to it. This one may end up as just filler.

The one cover will be a medley of Legend of Zelda OoT songs, that should be cool, as they'll need no drums or other instruments other then guitar.

Speaking of drums, I'll have to use GuitarPro/PowerTab MIDI drums, unless I can get someone to record for me. No biggie, just have to figure out the numbers to use for the drums on the tab. And I'll have to write out all my music, but that might not be bad.

I also want to throw in my ukulele somewhere. I'll just have to rig up a ghetto piezo.

On one song, you may actually end up hearing my voice singing. :p:

All in all, I have maybe 7-8 songs planned for the album, and 8? minutes of material at most atm.

========And that's it========

After typing all that, I guess I did make a good amount of progress. Cool.

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Rojam wrote on Feb 4th, 2011 7:14am

Hey dude, I could record some drums for you. Keep in mind I am not a "drummer" per say, but I can help you out if need be. Check my profile and let me know. If not, it's cool bro.


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