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kr46 (2)
Wednesday, August 05, 2009


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well i finally figured out how to post songs up on here, so i`m gonna be posting everything from my band INFERUS ( ) They were recorded at the Opera House in Toronto Ont back on june 9th i think LOL, there live recordings of the show that night
There all our own songs OTHER then RAINING FUCKING BLOOD!!!! which is Slayer, hopefully you know that already LOL .... would LOVE to hear any and all comments of our music, if you think we suck or are great, i wanna know.
Keep it FUCKING METAL, keep it THRASH \m/
Equipment used in these recordings are:
Marshall JCM 900`s 4500 / 4100 1/2 stacks
Marshall / Kustom cabs
BCR KK sig V / ESP LTD Alexi 600
Dean flying V bass
and whatever the hell the drums are HAHA
ONLY band i know of so far that uses ALL Flying V`s HAHA thats FUCKIN METAL
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kr46 wrote on Aug 5th, 2009 3:55pm

Seen slayer many times and met Kerry....great band....peace


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