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Saturday, October 09, 2010

- - Disconnected*

Current mood: artistic

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I wrote this poem the other day in Accounting class, judging my the subject matter it obviously wasn't a very bright lesson for me. It's the first full-length poem I've ever written for something other than a school assignment .. I'm only just getting into the whole writing thing, so hopefully it's a keeper.  Here it is:

~ Disconnected ~

Trapped in a downward spiral
The first step was the worst
At first you brought me happiness
Now your blessing is my curse

When every waking moment feels like a struggle
Can't keep my sanity in check
You push and pull me from the vague reality
Force me to take the next step

All it took was a leap of faith
Into the depths of the unknown
Come springing back when I hear your voice
Crave the time when I could say "I'm not alone"

Your presence fills the air with toxic comfort
I can't catch a breath
Cause when I breathe, i breathe you in
It's a slow yet inevitable death

Seeking refuge in the arms of the "enemy"
But it's just too little too late
Without you I'm lost in this self-induced coma
I hate the life you helped me create

And there you have it! Please crit, even if you totally bash it! More to come soon ..

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metalkamikazee wrote on Oct 9th, 2010 9:22pm

so dark and twisted...
i love it!

i love your writing, you found the perfect title too
all you need to do now is slap some chords in there and make it a song :)


tntero wrote on Oct 28th, 2010 12:24am

hey there girl, long time no talk! that's really awesome! and isn't the greatest feeling ever when you finish your first song? :)
I think it is really good, hopefully you'll find the perfect matching song for that ^-^


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