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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Break is HERE!!

Current mood: bouncy

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Finally it has arrived! *Spring Break '10!* How I have waited for you

Pure excitement! ~ Two weeks of doing absolutely whatever I please, couldn't ask for anything got! All the time in the world to hit some *Beach vibes, work on some *Music & get my *Party Karate on! Whoop whoop!

We're heading for Summer here in the southern parts of the world and there's no better time for a visit! Clear blue skies, light breezes and blazing hot heat .. Damn, I love living near the ocean! The wave's been perfect lately too, definitely thinking of busting out that surf board this holiday!

South Africa is one of those places you've gotta visit at least once in your lifetime .. Despite what you've heard on the news, I can assure you - It's on of the most amazing places you will ever go For those of you who watched the FIFA World Cup, I'm sure you'll agree .. Even if you may hate our amazing invention we like to call the VuVuZela! You'll warm up to it .. Eventually!!

Something I'm really looking forward to is working on some music with my band! We've just gotten together and we've got a lot to work .. Starting with a name -  & I'm sure it's going to be quite the job coming up with one that fits just right and that we all agree on! But it's going to be amazing once when got it all sorted out! Over keen

^^ This is my first attempt at a blog - If it's a shocker, I apologise! I'll definitely keep updating though Hopefully I'll develop some mad skills .. Please comment & give a Kudo or two if you're feeling generous!

I'm out for now! Gotta run if I wanna make the Hookah store on time, closing soon and a session of Double Apple sounds amazing right now!

Peace out

Chanelle ♥
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skylerjames13 wrote on Sep 27th, 2010 7:27am

Wow. You thought your first blog would suck? It rocked! If you check out mine, they are boring as hell compared to yours. xD
You have a very energetic vibe, and the colours in your blog really help emphasize that. Well done! And btw, it's Spring there? It's getting near Winter here in Canada. D:


skylerjames13 wrote on Sep 27th, 2010 7:29am

I forgot to give a Kudos in my earlier Comment lol.


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