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Saturday, October 23, 2010

*Just give me one more smile && I'll see you in a

Current mood: content

Everythings great, it's as simple as that. :) For those people who actually read these pointless things I post .. Watsup! Havn't been on UG in a while, a little pre-occopied at the moment.


It's the first night of that vacation I mentioned in one of my old blogs & it's been amaazing so far. Visiting family friends at their seaside house on the East Coast. Tomorrow we're heading to J-Bay, South Africa's surfing capital, for some shopping. From there we're off the Cape Town for the Daughtry concert. Insane keen for that! :D


As for the title of my blog, lyrics to a song called "One More Smile" by the South African group Locnville. They're insane talented, sort of a Techno-Pop Hip Hop vibe && before you say that's lame you should defnitely give them a listen. They're excellent!


That's a short update from me, more soon! :wavey:

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

- - Disconnected*

Current mood: artistic

I wrote this poem the other day in Accounting class, judging my the subject matter it obviously wasn't a very bright lesson for me. It's the first full-length poem I've ever written for something other than a school assignment .. I'm only just getting into the whole writing thing, so hopefully it's a keeper.  Here it is:

~ Disconnected ~

Trapped in a downward spiral
The first step was the worst
At first you brought me happiness
Now your blessing is my curse

When every waking moment feels like a struggle
Can't keep my sanity in check
You push and pull me from the vague reality
Force me to take the next step

All it took was a leap of faith
Into the depths of the unknown
Come springing back when I hear your voice
Crave the time when I could say "I'm not alone"

Your presence fills the air with toxic comfort
I can't catch a breath
Cause when I breathe, i breathe you in
It's a slow yet inevitable death

Seeking refuge in the arms of the "enemy"
But it's just too little too late
Without you I'm lost in this self-induced coma
I hate the life you helped me create

And there you have it! Please crit, even if you totally bash it! More to come soon ..

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Times.Are.Changing ~*

Current mood: confused

~ * Times are changing (:

Things have changed ~ Whether for the better or the worse, I'm still unsure .. I guess I'm just going to have to see how things play out.

The first few days back at school after Spring Break have been surprisingly relaxing. The teachers all seem too busy to actually teach, which is great! Not sure how long it'll last though .. Things have been weird though - in my group of friends at school it seems like everyone changed over the vacation, despite the fact that it was only a week or so long. The loud girls came back quiet, the quiet ones came back over the top and the non-drinkers have all become party animals  it's a weird situation, maybe it's just me.

Another thing I've started is a new diet. With Summer just around the corner I've got get myself back in tip top shape for the beach. It's not an intense one; eat natural, drink more water, less sugar .. that sorta thing It's pretty unlike me though, not that I've gotten fat or anything >> I'm usually the last one to even think about going on a "health kick" ~ We'll see how long it lasts

I've been writing a lot lately Bought a sweet little pocket notebook the other day, whenever I think of something I jot it down .. The brain waves seem to be coming more and more frequently! The strange thing is, I've discovered the words flow best when I'm in the shower ~ Which is a problem becuase that's the only place I can't take the notebook  Weird huh? I think I've been possessed by the Poetic Shower Gods .

I'll post a few of my lyrics and poems in my next blog, they still feel sorta unfinished (I'll have to wait and see how the Gods feel next time I take a shower)!

Great News! ~ Got my first tab up! Please check it out  comment and rate, 5 stars preferably .. It's a great acoustic song called Halo by the South African band Plush Check it out at :

That's it for now! Imma go have a jam session > It's been a while, my guitar cable is screwed .. Need to invest in a new one! See ya'll round the forum & remember to comment & give kudo's!
Until next time,

Chanelle a.k.a SkinnyJeans17 ♥

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Yello' Summer! xD

Current mood: excited

So Long, Spring Break & Yello' Summer!

So, the final days of Spring Break in sunny South Africa are drawing to a close. Vacation treated me well - Late nights, long sandy days on the beach, amazing friends & non-stop partying! Most would be sad that it's over, but not me - I'm looking forward to the even better things to come. Because ...

is upon us!
It's my favourite season & who can blame me?! It's time to get my tan on baby!

There's so much going right now! We head back to school on Monday (sigh) and it's going to be more intense than ever - 10th Grade final exams, need I say more! It's going to be stressful times.

One thing that I'm really looking forward to is our family vacation! We're heading to South Africa's Mother City, Cape Town, for a week to visit family, do some sight-seeing and most importantly, we've got tickets to see Daughtry live! He's not my favourite artist, but he's still good. My mom like worships his music so we're basically making the trip especially for her!  Not that I'm complaining or anything.

More from me, Chanelle, up soon! Remember to comment & maybe a Kudo or 2, I'll return the favour don't worry .. I'm generous like that! Much love to you all ...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Break is HERE!!

Current mood: bouncy

Finally it has arrived! *Spring Break '10!* How I have waited for you

Pure excitement! ~ Two weeks of doing absolutely whatever I please, couldn't ask for anything got! All the time in the world to hit some *Beach vibes, work on some *Music & get my *Party Karate on! Whoop whoop!

We're heading for Summer here in the southern parts of the world and there's no better time for a visit! Clear blue skies, light breezes and blazing hot heat .. Damn, I love living near the ocean! The wave's been perfect lately too, definitely thinking of busting out that surf board this holiday!

South Africa is one of those places you've gotta visit at least once in your lifetime .. Despite what you've heard on the news, I can assure you - It's on of the most amazing places you will ever go For those of you who watched the FIFA World Cup, I'm sure you'll agree .. Even if you may hate our amazing invention we like to call the VuVuZela! You'll warm up to it .. Eventually!!

Something I'm really looking forward to is working on some music with my band! We've just gotten together and we've got a lot to work .. Starting with a name -  & I'm sure it's going to be quite the job coming up with one that fits just right and that we all agree on! But it's going to be amazing once when got it all sorted out! Over keen

^^ This is my first attempt at a blog - If it's a shocker, I apologise! I'll definitely keep updating though Hopefully I'll develop some mad skills .. Please comment & give a Kudo or two if you're feeling generous!

I'm out for now! Gotta run if I wanna make the Hookah store on time, closing soon and a session of Double Apple sounds amazing right now!

Peace out

Chanelle ♥
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