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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is it ever too late to learn? (Rhetorical Question

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To begin, I've decided to do a Google search on "guitarists who started late" - and I was amazed at what I found... 

Seems to me like most of the famous guitarists out there, living or deceased, started sometime between the age of 11-18, a few between 18-25 even.  This information in itself wasn't the surprise - what surprised me is how many people out there in the world decided to pick up a guitar after the age of 25.


I mean, face it - the strings are intimidating, and to delve into this area of instrumentation at a later age seems beyond reason to most.  I'm 32 years old at the time of this post, and I've been playing for 354 days now, and after making it over this hump (year one), the guitar is nowhere near as intimidating as it was before.  

"My fingers are calloused, I'm transferring shapes better, and the Fmajor is no longer a pain in my wrist... Oooh yea! Time to get Weird!"

As I've stated in my last post, I do wish that I learned to play earlier, but the truth is, I've never felt I had it in me back then, and I probably wouldn't have followed through anyway.. No time like the present to shape our future, right?  

"Time to do the thing with the thing."

I'm certain that once I become more active in this community, I'll run into others like myself who decided to pick up an axe at a later age, and until then I'll continue to develop my skill and occasionally come back and share my progress with you guys (of course after too, you sentence-structure freaks!).  

"I would sell my soul to the devil to be better than Steve Vai instantly - 'cept I'm an Atheist... ain't that a bitch"

I have a few musical influences in my life that I've had from an early age, and they're finally starting to rub off - my granddad, Count Rabbit, who is featured in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame is one hell of a bassist, and a great artist on canvas as well.  I grew up in a musical household, and was born to an inheritance of 12-inch and 45 vinyl that was meant to expose me to a variety of music including soul, jazz, p-funk, and more.. I do remember loving the electric guitar back then - the first album I actually purchased with my own money was the Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" single..     Confused the shit out of my mother...  She thought I would only listen to music in the genres that she exposed me to, but she also taught me to open my mind - and that I did.  I am a hip-hop head, and I admit that I'm just now getting to enjoy a lot of the great music that I missed out on over the years because of the fact that there were YEARS that went by that I would ONLY listen to hip hop - it was that good back then.

"What just happened?"

A time came where I just couldn't stand the new "hip-hop" music that was flooding the airwaves with the runoff from the shitstorm that has been going strong for over a decade, so I decided to open my mind back up, and I ended up listening to a LOT of things that I normally would NEVER listen to - Alternative started becoming appealing, even the occasional angst-driven tunes that I lovingly refer to as "Angry Vagina Rock" - you know what that is, people - don't make me go into it..

"I want to make REAL music.. That okay with you?"

So I'm in my thirties, I've gained a few new skills, and my life is better because of it.  IT FEELS GOOD to pick up an instrument, and rock out butt-naked while my kids are at school.  Fuck it - I've earned it, and it makes me happy.  Whether or not this happiness is mutual with my neighbors has no bearing on how I'm feeling...  How 'bout you turn your TV up or talk louder? Trying to concentrate?  Think louder.  I'm trying to live here.

pe♫ce.  Skiilz

Now that I think about it, No Regrets.

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sqrrloncrack wrote on Dec 14th, 2010 5:54pm

IT FEELS GOOD to pick up an instrument, and rock out butt-naked while my kids are at school.

yes. yes it does hahahaha


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