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Monday, July 06, 2009

Falling from the heavens

ok, update.

1) money for school/food next semester is a priority. i still have two more books to order (kinetics and thermodynamics [for physical chem] and a forensic chem book) not to mention lab manuals/supplies when they get posted.

2) got the tubes, and decided this summer wont be used for recording.

3) this being said, i'm going to make some modifications to my existing pedals before i buy anymore (after the LPB-2 kit from GGG comes in that i ordered ). replacing carbon-film with metal-film is fun, albeit tedious.

4) somehow enjoy the rest of my summer, although i really want next semester to start! maxed credit load and SPE research!
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Monday, March 09, 2009

ascending into the atmosphere once again.....

Well, gear search is once on....part deux! (ich solle zwei sagen, aber 'deux' mehr kuhl sind)

ok, formalities aside, here we go!

1) I still need a mic. I'm leaning towards a Shure Beta 57A for a wider/warmer response than the SM57, but a SM57/e609 will still do. I'll prob use my tax return for this, then put the rest into savings.

2) Who wants a new chorus? I want a new chorus! Which chorus you ask? A Homebrew Electronics THC (three hound chorus) to be exact. My college-town local shop is bringing in HBE's lineup, although they are on a massive (four month ) backorder. So it'll give me time to plan that out more, since now i'm just going to trade in my phase 90/super comp and then make up the difference myself. I'll just be sad to see my small clone not get used.....but i'll still keep it for sentimental value, of course.

3) Fuzzes. I'm always on the look out for a fuzz.....and the shop jsut brought in Zvex, so maybe my phase 90/super comp will go towards a fuzz factory instead......

4) New Tubes. Why? Stock tubes are stock.

5) Mixer? Eh, I wont need one I believe, since the 4-track has a decent EQ on it already.

6) I have to save money for university

(and i've been stocking up on tapes to record shelf is getting full!)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

i've hit the ground...and i'm not running

Well, i'm an impulsive buyer.

What does this mean? new amp + new fuzz = no mic.

however, i'm happy with the purchases, so no hard feelings with that.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hit a tree sticking out the side of the cliff...

Darn GAS'ing is acting up again.

I think i may hold off with this recording endeavor for a while. Why you ask?

Emma Electronics DiscumBOBulator.

I've always wanted an auto-wah, and what better one to get?

This means that my search for recording gear will have to go on hole, because I can only allocate a few purchases, especially with the price tag of the DiscumBOBulator being what it is, I cant buy much after that. Also, since I am paying for college starting next year, I need to save up as much money as possible, and not spend it on guitar-related activities.

Anywho, unless I can pick up a good mic on the cheap, it's no more recording-business for now.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Going into freefall

Well, time for a mini-update.

I powered up the 4-Track (its a Tascam by the way) and everything operates fine, although I havent had a chance to check the inputs/outputs yet. I also managed to pick up a bunch of different tape to record with (hooray for working at a consignment shop again!). Now, it is time to decide on what to record with.

For a dynamic mic, I think I am going to go with a Sennheiser e609, based on reviews, working record, and overall quality of the mic.

For a condenser, I still have no idea what to go for, seeing as there are so many different kinds and styles, I just need to get the basic reasearch (although with spring studies beginning, finding the time is going to be hard) finished.

Also, would it be better to start with a condenser give a more "warm" sound to the guitar recordings? I have yet to find out if a condenser would be better for micing an amp, since I do love the warm neck-pickup tone, and i'm slightly afraid that a dynamic mic wont fullfil that requirement.

And I'm still looking into acquiring a small mixer...but that will come later.
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Friday, January 09, 2009

Taking the jump.....

Well, first "blog", and here goes.

At work today (hooray consignment shops!) someone brought in an older 4-track tape recorder, with the normal bells and whistles, and i thought, 'what the heck, lets see if this baby works', and into the world of low-scale recording i will plunge. now, it doesnt have a power supply (will pick that up soon hopefully), and has line-outs, so i can possibly route the signal to a cd-recorder for uploading to the interweb-tubes.

I'm gonna need at least two dynamic mics, thinking an SM57 and an e609 for amp-micing, and perhaps a decent condenser mic for acoustic/minimal vocal work. will also pick up the necessary cables and whatnot for the mics. also, i'll look for a small mixer in case i feel the sliders/knobs on the little four track dont do justice, and all the cables for that.

also, i'll need to pick up a cheap (-ish) CD recorder with line-ins if i want to do the tape/digital conversion myself.

this shouldnt run me too much money, but i have worked all winter break long, and i can allocate  more than enough funds to use for these expenses.

......this is all saying that the 4-track works, of course.
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