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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ha. So I skipped an entire school year of blogs...

Current mood: bored

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They Will See Us Waving from Such Great Heights
Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Come down now"
They'll say.

Well, such great depths would be more like it. Not metaphorically, I'm fairly happy lately. I've just spent the last week and a half in my basement, renovating and utilizing the studio. Summer sure is off to a productive start. I got Bose speakers, a new guitar rack so none of my guitars are sitting in their cases, and new carpet since the studio flooded a month or two ago. Fun stuff.

So my first year of college is over. Here's an IM conversation with Katie that should sum things up:
7:54:30 PM Katie: how was your first year of school!?
7:57:03 PM Scotty Danger: life changing
7:57:08 PM Scotty Danger: stressful
7:57:09 PM Scotty Danger: amazing
7:57:11 PM Scotty Danger: eye opening

Wow that was a lot shorter and less interesting than I thought, but whatever. It's true, all of those things and more. And even though I'm pretty sure she knows where my blog is, I'm gonna put this here: Stupid me managed to find yet another girl that fits the formula. Short, blonde, very pretty, and smiles a lot. The result? I have another harmless schoolboy crush on this girl. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

It's been fun seeing old friends again, though most everyone is different and I am too. It's pretty strange, but fun nonetheless. I just wish somebody would go see Indiana Jones with me. I've been trying for three days and everyone keeps bailing. Oh well.

Today I retrofitted my '90 Volvo with an even older ('83) cassette deck from my step dad's Supra when he was 20-something. Yeah, I ditched my CD player for cassettes, I'm cool. It's been weird though, all of my cassettes are hardcore punk mix tapes from Julia. Driving around has been a hell of a trip down memory lane tonight.

Plans for the summer:
-Finish writing and recording my concept album
-Start an electronica project
-Perform concept album songs with an indie band
-Buy a new synth and a new bass
-Work at Mtn. Creek all summer to pay for new instruments
-Sleep a lot
-Record a LOT of mix tapes to play in my car
-Go to Warped Tour for the first time
-Put a huge annoying sub in my trunk
-If the last plan fails, turn it into an ext. cab for my amp
-Learn to drive stick
-Take a girl out on a date in the Fiat
-Party like it's 1999

Yeah, this summer is gonna be interesting. Verrry interesting.

Get Jiggy Wit It.
-Scotty D
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