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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Demo Pt 3: Well , It Was Done........

Current mood: aggravated

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I finished it. It Was Done. Packed up ready to go. alls i had to do was send it home to my friends and we couldve been ready to roll by the time i got back. but, my arrogance proved me wrong. i decided to listen to it, you know, just to hear how bad ass i am, and although it was good, all i could think was , "it has potential" Damn It. I hate that. I wanted it to be the with potential aded version rather than think of how it could be with potential. there are a couple of songs that im leaving un touched, but out of the ten, im changing 5 . not that any of you care, but hey, its always nice to vent about bullshit when u can type here in the ug community and have random people tell u " u suck" lol
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