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Sunday, June 29, 2008

the Real world wont let me go home

Current mood: gloomy

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this blows
i came out to iraq to get some money so i can get the gear i want and start a bad ass band. well, i got the gear, i got some people back home ready to learn the songs ive spent the last 11 mos writing. problem is, if i come home now, ill last maybe 3 or four months till im broke again. the economy sucks and it looks like it will only get worse. and although im happy and glad to not be there payin out the ass for gas and rent and all the while making good money, i still just want to come home and start playin shows again. it sucks having to keep putting dreams on hold because the world is tearin itself apart. itd be so easy to just do the naive thing and come home and start rockin with my buds, but its hard to start a music career, and i bet its even harder if you dont have a place to live
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