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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Demo pt...... Fudge it

so everythings ready to go. songs are done
all the equipment is here, everything is set
one problem
they switched me to night shift!!!!
now all i wanna do is sleep
i got time for one track a day
so that means itll take me weeks to finish a song, but i guess thats how long it takes actual records to be made
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Demo Pt 3: Well , It Was Done........

Current mood: aggravated

I finished it. It Was Done. Packed up ready to go. alls i had to do was send it home to my friends and we couldve been ready to roll by the time i got back. but, my arrogance proved me wrong. i decided to listen to it, you know, just to hear how bad ass i am, and although it was good, all i could think was , "it has potential" Damn It. I hate that. I wanted it to be the with potential aded version rather than think of how it could be with potential. there are a couple of songs that im leaving un touched, but out of the ten, im changing 5 . not that any of you care, but hey, its always nice to vent about bullshit when u can type here in the ug community and have random people tell u " u suck" lol
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

the Real world wont let me go home

Current mood: gloomy

this blows
i came out to iraq to get some money so i can get the gear i want and start a bad ass band. well, i got the gear, i got some people back home ready to learn the songs ive spent the last 11 mos writing. problem is, if i come home now, ill last maybe 3 or four months till im broke again. the economy sucks and it looks like it will only get worse. and although im happy and glad to not be there payin out the ass for gas and rent and all the while making good money, i still just want to come home and start playin shows again. it sucks having to keep putting dreams on hold because the world is tearin itself apart. itd be so easy to just do the naive thing and come home and start rockin with my buds, but its hard to start a music career, and i bet its even harder if you dont have a place to live
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Being Packed

Current mood: aggravated

first off lemme say that musicians friend has been very good to me. they have had every piece of equipment i have ever needed and at good prices. i loVE those guys . BUT GOSHDAMNIT WTF IS TAKIN U SO LONG TO SEND MY FUCKIN DEAN!!!!!!!???????? IM N IRAQ SO WHENEVER U GUYS SEND IT PRORITY MAIL(2 TO 5 DAYS) IT TAKES 10 DAYS EXACTLY FROM WHEN U SHIPPED. AND EVERY TIME I CHECK ON IT IT SAYS " BEING PACKED"
please send it soon im really excited to play it and i can get impatient at times.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008


what is a poser?? i always thought it was someone who liked something because everyone else did. ive always liked the music i listen to.  cant recall the last time i bougth an album just cuz someone else was( except for protest the hero) any ways whos to be the judge of whos a poser. whos to say  u arent the poser? its sad to see that we are still judging people by how they dress and what they listen to. in a way it kinda feels like racism(trust me i know all about bein hated for who u r) anyways, i come terms with this point: a poser is someone you judge right when u see them and they like the kind of music u consider bandwagon, but u will never take the time to get to know who they really are , even though the music we all listen to is about being open minded. yet, u hate to be judged on how u look or what u listen to? hmmmm sounds like someting a poser would do....
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Demo Pt 2: 60 gauge strings

just got the new strings in so now my rythm sections will sound a lot tighter!!
in case ur wondering or even care im not really goin for a  particular sound. anytime i try it just comes out sounding like shit!!! but its in drop c and im planning on doing alot of harmonies/ lead work on it. breakdowns, thrashy riffs, fast punky parts, epic solo sections, and of course my favorite, those nice southerny 0356 combination riffs for that bob ur head kinda feel. all in all i dont know what u would call that but it sounds pretty promising for now.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

demo pt 1

writing a 10 track demo is hard. especially when u keep throwin away riffs that sounded good at the time. guitar pro has been a big help(i dont have enough space for drums in my room!!!!) if it werent for faulty mics and broken strings id be close to being done.3 songs doen, 7 to go. coming soon
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