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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Starcrossed (Insanity)

Just kind of an out of nowhere poem
Starcrossed (Insanity)
And on the edges of the universe sat two lonely stars
With tears steaming across the milky way sky
Washing both heaven and hell away
The madman gazes at the sky so bright
Knowing that there will be no tonight
And surely there will not be a tommorow
If the hands never meet again, is this the end?
Cradled by gravity into a deep sleep where he dreams
Of the otherside, so blissful and light
And the star of his dreams awaits with open arms
But yet its all just a dream, as he is hunted for his belief
For love, for trial, for insanity, for insanity, for insanity
Star crossed is tatooed on the madmans arm
Burning and aching more with each passing day
He awaits, and he waits, but hes waited long enough
He chases his dream...
Is this insanity?   Or is this love?
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