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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another rant, this time abouts 4chan

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Parts of what follows below were actually painful to write. However, because of the ongoing misinformation campaigns launched by 4Chan and its faithfuls I feel it is my duty to write this. Let's get down to brass tacks: I have a New Year's resolution for 4Chan: It should pick up a book before it jumps to the temperamental conclusion that it is its moral imperative to descend to character assassination and name calling. While there's no use crying over spilled milk, 4Chan's rantings manifest themselves in two phases. Phase one: create a climate of intimidation. Phase two: toss quaint concepts like decency, fairness, and rational debate out the window.

Just wait until someone gets hurt as a result of 4Chan's remonstrations. Then, more people will agree that society must soon decide either to establish democracy and equality or else to let 4Chan nurture the seeds of our eventual destruction so that they grow like a rapidly malignant mutant form of kudzu. The decision is one of life or death, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever. I can hope only that those in charge realize that 4Chan has never disproved anything I've ever written. It does, however, often try to discredit me by means of flagrant misquotations, by attributing to me views that I've never expressed. In the end, some resentful, subhuman nitwits actually claim that the worst classes of closed-minded weirdos there are should be given absolute authority to mute the voice of anyone who dares to speak out against 4Chan. This is the kind of muddled thinking that 4Chan is encouraging with its assertions. Even worse, all those who raise their voice against this brainwashing campaign are denounced as witless twaddlers.

I realize that some people may have trouble reading this letter. Granted, not everyone knows what "incontrovertibleness" means, but it's nevertheless easy to understand that 4Chan maliciously defames and damagingly misrepresents everyone and everything around it. There's a word for that: libel. An ancient Greek once wrote something to the effect of, "Many worthless caitiffs are taken in by its attestation that the existence and perpetuation of revanchism is its own moral justification." Today, the same dictum applies, just as clearly as when it was first written over two thousand years ago. 4Chan exhibits the sensitivity of a bulldozer. Be patient; I won't ask you to take that on faith. Rather, I'll provide irrefragable proof that 4Chan's policy of breaking down our communities must not go unchallenged. To leave it unchallenged is to condone 4Chan's grandiose plans for world hegemony, plans in which no one is free to say that 4Chan attributes the most distorted, bizarre, and ludicrous "meanings" to ordinary personality characteristics. For example, if you're shy, it calls you "fearful and withdrawn". If, instead, you're the outgoing and active type, 4Chan says you're "acting out due to trauma". Why does it say such things? One might as well ask, "Why can't it live among us in peace?" I once asked 4Chan that question—I am still waiting for an answer. In the meantime, let me point out that I don't buy 4Chan's worn-out argument that it is a paragon of morality and wisdom. If you doubt this, just ask around.

Given the range and unpredictability of human behavior, it is quite possible that the space remaining in this letter will not suffice even to enumerate the ways in which 4Chan has tried to burn our fair cities to the ground. If 4Chan wants to be taken seriously, it should counter the arguments in this letter with facts, not illogical panaceas, personal anecdotes, or insults. 4Chan uses the word "stereophotogrammetry" to justify making my blood curdle. In doing so, it is reversing the meaning of that word as a means of disguising the fact that despite its protestations and rhetoric, the facts do not support 4Chan's claims. To say anything else would be a lie. When a mistake is made, the smart thing to do is to admit it and reverse course. That takes real courage. The way that 4Chan stubbornly refuses to own up to its mistakes serves only to convince me that an understanding of the damage that may be caused by its irascible belief systems isn't something I expect everyone to develop the first time they hear about it. That's why I write over and over again and from so many different angles about how by indiscriminately assigning value to practically everything, 4Chan has made "experience" all-important. Its experiences, however, are detached from any consideration of what is good or true, which means that they will almost certainly promote a form of government in which religious freedom, racial equality, and individual liberty are severely at risk by the end of the decade.

4Chan has been trying to trick people into believing that unfounded attacks on character, loads of hyperbole, and fallacious information are the best way to make a point. Apparently, it has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams with pertinacious-to-the-core deadheads; they're now fully convinced that 4Chan knows the "right" way to read Plato, Maimonides, and Machiavelli. Of course, 4Chan is not a responsible citizen. Responsible citizens show you, as dispassionately as possible, what kind of querulous thoughts it is thinking about these days. Responsible citizens undoubtedly do not muster enough force to manipulate public understanding of priggism.

If 4Chan opened its eyes, it'd realize that no clear-thinking individual would have the temerity to give an air of scientific impartiality to biased judgments. I am not embarrassed to admit that I have neither the training, the experience, the license, nor the clinical setting necessary to properly send 4Chan's effusions into the dustbin where they belong. Nevertheless, I do have the will to strike at the heart of its efforts to submerge us in a sea of neocolonialism. That's why I sincerely aver that from the fog and mist of 4Chan's theatrics rises the leering grimace of nonrepresentationalism—and 4Chan knows it. Although I've been called every name in the book for saying this, 4Chan deeply believes that offensive schemers have dramatically lower incidences of cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, and many other illnesses than the rest of us. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the truth is very simple: We must establish a supportive—rather than an intimidating—atmosphere for offering public comment. If we fail then all of our sacrifices and all of the dreams and sacrifices of our ancestors will have been in vain. The key is to realize that 4Chan used to be a major proponent of egotism. Nowadays, it's putting all of its support behind propagandism. As they say, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Oddly enough, the world has a surplus of stupidity. Stranger still, 4Chan says that human beings should be appraised by the number of things and the amount of money they possess instead of by their internal value and achievements. You know, I don't think I have heard a less factually based statement in my entire life. Many people who follow 4Chan's generalizations have come to the erroneous conclusion that once 4Chan has approved of something it can't possibly be gormless. The truth of the matter is that those of us who are too lazy or disinterested to go placidly amid the noise and haste have no right to complain when it and its goombahs curry favor with whiney sideshow barkers (also known as 4Chan's confreres) using a barrage of flattery, especially recognition of their "value", their "importance", their "educational mission", and other headstrong nonsense. By now, the reader has discerned that 4Chan is eminently mischievous. So let me just add that imperialism revolves in a fixed orbit around all of its perfidious prophecies. To fully understand that, you need to realize that 4Chan follows a dual code of morality—one morality for its fellow silly, irresponsible slimeballs and another for the rest of the world. This is why if it wants to complain, it should have an argument. It shouldn't just throw out the word "epididymodeferentectomy", for example, and expect us to be scared.

4Chan does not desire to benefit humanity but rather to encourage young people to break all the rules, cut themselves loose from their roots, and adopt a cynical lifestyle. 4Chan doesn't want to acknowledge that this is a truth that 4Chan's admirers are told by 4Chan that they cannot acknowledge, lest they give aid and comfort to the rest of us. In fact, it would rather block all discussion on the subject. I suppose that's because if I wanted to brainwash and manipulate a large segment of the population, I would convince them that our unalienable rights are merely privileges that 4Chan can dole out or retract. In fact, that's exactly what 4Chan does as part of its quest to limit the terms of debate by declaring certain subjects beyond discussion.

4Chan's manipulative squadristi are nothing more than subservient blobs of easily controlled protoplasm. That's why they're so willing to help 4Chan impede the free flow of information. 4Chan's methods are much subtler now than ever before. 4Chan is more adept at hidden mind control and its techniques of social brainwash are much more appealingly streamlined and homogenized.

The pen is a powerful tool. Why don't we use that tool to tell you things that 4Chan doesn't want you to know? We mustn't be content to patch and darn, to piece and cobble at the worn and rotten fabric of 4Chan's lamebrained, mendacious fairy tales. Instead we must appeal not to the contented and satisfied but embrace those tormented by suffering, those without peace, the unhappy and the discontented. All in all, I realize that this letter has seemed incredibly bleak. However, expecting the worst from 4Chan means we will never be disappointed. If we're wrong and 4Chan does not try to get as many people as possible to line up behind the geek-tent barkers at the latest and greatest carnival of mysticism, we'll be relieved. If we're right and it does, we'll be prepared.

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'Leviathan' wrote on Jan 20th, 2010 1:01pm

Don't bother arguing with 4chan, it's just like - and yes, I'll re-iterate what I seem to constantly say - arguing on the internet; even if you win, you're still retarded. Although, I must admit, you definitely have a way with words. I wasn't quite convinced or reassured by anything you wrote (soz bruh), but you're an excellent writer.


Momentosis wrote on Jan 21st, 2010 4:54am

I'm 20 and what is this?


GS LEAD 5 wrote on Mar 18th, 2010 11:50am

I agree. I always had thought 4Chan was a threat to society...


Steve Holt wrote on May 3rd, 2010 2:57pm

Ranting about 4chan is liking pissing into a river of piss...

Firstly, you're ranting about /b/, not 4chan. /b/ is a collective of the degenerates of the internet, a social experiment. A place with no rules where the damned come to speak. If you have such a disagreement with the way /b/ operates. Don't go there, easy as that.


Shredofthedaya wrote on May 11th, 2010 10:30pm
no, it's more like this blog was an experiment using this. And it seems to work.


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