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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Say no to abstinence

Current mood: stressed

i am still a rather novice player seeing as i have only been playing for about 2 years and only own a cheap acoustic/electric Vagabond Guitar and a not so cheap Yammi electric. i enjoy playing Rock, as well as punk and metal.  I live for my music. i swear that my sub wooffer is what keeps my blood pumping and i like it that way seeing as my heart doesnt scream out sick learics and guitar riffs.  A large influence for my musical interest of course was Blink 182 as it was for most grade nines going into highschool looking for a band that was cool enough but still something that you enjoyed listening to.  They grew on me and i bought all of their albums except the mark tom and travis show which i cannot seem to find anywhere....anywa ys, in the last 5 years my music taste has evolved and i listen to almost all genres of music, but by far Rock, metal and Punk are above the rest head, shoulders and nipples.  If anyone knows any sick songs for a still somewhat novice player, please let me know.
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