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Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Oh, look at the Wolf!"

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I often here this whilst walking my dog. I have a Siberian Husky named Blue. He's a big dopey cuddlesome pup who loves bounding around the house chasing after me while we play and he loves a good wrestle.

INTRO; He's the gentlest dog I've ever known and even the local pet rescue reps have nothing but praise for him as he plays with the other dogs every few weeks when they come down to see us. Some of the other dogs will nip at him while they're playing as dog's will do in a group, they will snarl and growl at each other and chase each other and roll around. But there's something different about my Blue, he doesn't bite, he doesn't growl, he's the biggest dog in the group but is so tolerant and rather than biting, he takes his overly huge paw and pushes them away. Now that's a docile dog.

To the point; I have noticed a sharp rise in the number of these huskys around the country. A breed of dog that was not common in the slightest in the Rural areas of Ireland. I can't help but worry that these people are taking on a challenge they cannot handle. When my Dog first came to live with us we knew what we were embarking on. Huskies require a lot of walking/running, they shed a lot(seriously a lot) of hair, they don't like to be alone, unless exercised properly they can become bored and destructive. They are quite stubborn and take a lot to be trained.

I recommend that anyone thinking of getting a husky seriously consider all of the above, you can't just leave them to their own devices while you spend 9 hours away at work all day. They need to be properly cared for and loved.

Shout out to my mad Pup Blue.
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