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Friday, July 06, 2012

First Blog.

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Since I have no idea what a blog is and I have no idea if anyone will even see this I thought I should at least seem partially intelligent and musically inclined.

The topic of this blog shall be on Gear acquisition, specifically when you join a band.

When I joined a pub band and started to finally make money from music I noticed something; I spend more money on gear now than I ever have.

It started with simply getting a better guitar for the job, I had an explorer and decided upon getting a Les Paul Black Beauty €400, with a worthy case, €90. Next was to tighten up my tone and to purchase a multi-effects. I decided upon a line6 pod HD500, €550. A case to hold it €70. I already had a decent amp, Blackstar HT-40 with a hardcase, so no worries there. But I needed to find a way to run it into the PA properly which of course required a cab grabber mic holder and a Mic, luckily I was given a mic from the drummer of the band. Set aside a further €100 for strings and cables and spare equipment for those just in case moments and we're looking at a lot of cash.
Though, since I joined this band, I have switched from sole guitar player to Bass player, which requires further gear purchases.

Thing about all this is, though I'm slightly out of pocket from these purchases, slightly as I have made most of the money back from gigging, I couldn't be happier. Nothing compares to the feeling of performing to a crowd and seeing them enjoy the music and screaming along to the songs.

What I can say in conclusion to this is, if you buy your gear properly in the first place, then you won't need to spend cash in the end. But this is my own shortfall and I still don't mind at all. for the chance to actually be doing this I am grateful.

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