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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sad Earth lyrics

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(Yeah, yeah, I'm just copying/pasting this opening paragraph into all of my lyric-related blogs; so what?)
I just realized that I have no lyrics on my page! So how are you, the innocent listeners, going to understand a damn thing I'm singing? Have no fear; the lyrics are here!

Sad Earth

The radio's better at night and I'll tell you why
They don't care who's listenin'
But I was listenin'
And I heard some interesting words
It was really late one night and I tell you
I should've been in bed
But had the radio on instead
And this is what I heard

"Hello all you people of Earth
I am watchin' from a ship that lurks
A hundred miles above the deep blue sea
I mean you no harm
So if you see me don't be alarmed
Those pretty lights in the sky
They're just me"

I told mom and dad the very next day
And said they oughtta believe me
They didn't believe me
They said lyin' was a sin
I knew I was tellin' the truth
And I turned the radio on that night
And about midnight
Sure enough I heard it again


[Guitar solo]

The next day I turn on the TV and what do I see?
The Army shot down a plane
No ordinary plane
It was a UFO
I turned the TV off right there
Because I knew who they shot down
They shot down the man
I heard on the radio

I said "I told you so" to my mom and dad
But the looked like they didn't even care
I don't think they cared
Just kept watchin' that old TV
I wondered why aliens would want to come here
They're better off leavin' us for dead
And what the man said
On the radio came back to me


Those pretty lights in the sky
They're just me
Those pretty lights in the sky
They're just me

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add45 wrote on Aug 26th, 2007 3:02pm

Great song, the lyrics are really good!


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