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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Business Man lyrics

Current mood: cynical

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I just realized that I have no lyrics on my page! So how are you, the innocent listeners, going to understand a damn thing I'm singing? Have no fear; the lyrics are here!

Business Man

6 o' clock, I don't wanna get up
I don't care if I lose me my job
A business man knows he can't have him no life
Just some fancy cars, a house and a robot wife

I'm calling in sick again today
I didn't really wanna get paid anyway

Get up, get dressed, brush those teeth
Brew some coffee, read the paper, then leave
When I come home at night, tired to no end
I go to bed and get up and do it again

I don't think I can take it much longer
My body needs a break, correct me if I'm wrong

I'm no business man
I'm just part of a business clan
I'm gettin out while I still can
'Cause I'm no business man

I'm gettin out while I still can
I'm gettin out while I still can

I don't wanna wear no suit and tie
The same suit I'm gonna be in when I die
Don't wanna make me no business friends
Who follow all the hottest business trends
I don't wanna have no business boss
Who straightens up his crooked smile with the business floss
"Yes sir, no sir, whatever you say"
I'm hating this business more every day


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