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Friday, December 18, 2009


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The word "hotel" has a strange euphony about it, particularly in a musical context. There are many songs that include hotels or are based in one, Hotel California, Chelsea Hotel, Desperados Under The Eaves and the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel (how's that for alliteration driven euphony?) I just passed the Fenton Hotel myself and immediately thought of all those songs and how beautifully the word is employed. A hotel is something a musician probably has a lot of dealings with on the road, I'd imagine. Its something relatively familiar in a new town, with the one bed, the lil mint and the Bible in the drawer. Its the modern day's port. A symbol of rest yet also of impending adventure and eventually an inevitable checking out. Its a perfect setting for a song. Or maybe its just a matter of writing what's around you. Either way the stationary is bound to come in handy.
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