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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wtf is with music. (Rant)

Current mood: bitchy

Hey guys ...
Alright, so I'll get right into it. WTF IS WITH MUSIC? I keep hearing about all these random screamo or whatever the hell they are bands. Okay, I admit, I like Bring Me The Horizon, because you can actually hear a riff or so, and I Set My Friends On Fire, because they're fucking hilarious... But other than that... WHAT THE FUCK. Is it just me, or does anyone else think it is just noise? Seriously, I'm all for yelling and screaming and being loud, but just screaming? For example: (Not to be a dick, to point out aone band or anything...)
What... The... Hell... Was that?!
Sure, props to the chick singer... But, other than that, I had to turn it off.
Honestly. What are with the bands today that just scream their fucking lungs out, and just have a guitar seizure?
Okay, that about wraps up my rant.
2:32 am - 6 comments - 3 Kudos