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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I hate contentious emos, and just... bouncers 2

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This is absolutely beyond me. I can only reference to some pre-medieval thought and say that the fates like to laugh at my misfortune especially in regard to nightclubs.

Last Saturday I went to corporation (a nightclub in Sheffield) quite happy and content. I was looking forward to seeing friends, and listening to metal (headbanging and the like). It is fine for a while then some 'emos' start their hardcore dancing and they have no awareness of others, and take up the entire stage. I waited for at least three songs. I want to headbang to the music but they are too busy waving their legs and arms about in dangerous positions. I really do not mind when they keep to themselves but allow other people in. This is most of the time, and I accept that they are there to enjoy the music as well. I really wanted to headbang so I started in the corner but then I was hit by a flailing arm. I grabbed him and pushed him away. He fell into some people who grabbed him. We shout. The lights then go off and people chant "fight, fight, fight". People later compliment me on the fact that I did something, and they were rowdy scene kids. I think it is just reactionary. I didn't, and don't want to fight. I tried to talk to one of them but he pushed past me.

Later I come back in and there is a group of them one (who I actually tried to talk to earlier) takes me by the shoulder and says "Outside. Now." I don't see the need to get the shit kicked out of me by two or more people where no one is going to do anything and besides the fact that I didn't think it was worth it! I was walking away when he turned me round and threw a punch to my face. I can't remember where it hit. I just know that they only managed to hit me once in the face (a few in the back of the head) and the rest they missed hitting my arms. I was in a corner and one went for me but I side stepped locked him and threw him to the ground. I looked at him on the ground, and then I felt something very hard hit my face. I was then thrown in the other direction someone then grabbed me. They held me back. It isn't as if I wanted to get back in though. One of my friends walked in and took me away.. clean me up. The bouncers are terrible. It took them so long to get in (although I suspect they were the ones that threw me into someone else).

I didn't want to fight. I think if it wasn't for my friend the bouncers would have also kicked me out. They are unreasonable folk.

Tonight I wasn't sure if I would come out or not. The music was good in bits, but then they started to play pop punk in every room. I sat down and rubbed my head because it was sore from headbanging. The bouncers look down at me and say something but I wasn't sure what they said, and one came closer and said "Have you been sick?" I said "No.." I stood up and looked down. I could see some yellow patches and water. A drink and maybe the floor coating had come off? One of them directed me to the door and took me outside. I couldn't really understand what he was mumbling except for "I don't want to take this shit". I think he thought I was lying about being sick. I hate liars. They ruin my fun! I am always honest, if I was sick. I would say I was and then would take me out. I would have no problem. I can say this pretty damn confidently. Or I would have run the toilet (I have been sick before there and have gone to the toilet). I don't want to have someone clean up my 'shit'. It is extremely frustrating! I almost don't want to go there again, and since that's the only place I ever go. I'm just going to be staying in my room and my social life would dwindle.

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synysterangel wrote on Oct 14th, 2008 2:59pm

hooray for hiding in bedrooms :)
who cares about social life, when you have me?


Rhitard wrote on Oct 15th, 2008 6:17pm

Aaw man what a shitty night. How long have you been going to that club? I'd say not to give up on it completely because of some tossers, just have a break for a while, or come to crusty london wahey :D
& I also bludy HATE emo dancing :@ keep your jumping & flailing about in front the bedroom mirror kids.


em!ly wrote on Jan 25th, 2009 3:17pm

meh corporation ....... gotta say , i prefer the academy


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