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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abusive Love for my Guitar

Current mood: hyper

:wtf::D My guitar receives much abuse mainly because I get carried away playing guitar, doing the whole headbanging thing then realising that the headstock of my guitar is stuck in the walll :( I know thats not the way your supposed to treat an 800 dollar guitar but i really cant help it. Im also a rather short and clumbsy person which means when I transport my guitar, I usually knock it around a fair bit. My solution to this was to buy a hardcase. I never looked back  since, ive saved my guitar and wallet on numerous occations and if i had never bought one, my guitar would be in peices and so would I because as much as I abuse it, its because I love it so much in the first place.:D:wavey::wtf:Cheers
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