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Friday, August 17, 2007

Thoughts, Creativity and Blather (finish)

Current mood: Full of thoughts

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What the fuck happened?  So many people my age are into the whole American consumerism strata.  Thousands.  Millions.  So why not me?  How in the hell did I not get drafted for that?  Is it because of my interests, people I hang out with, life thoughts and goals?  Sometimes I wish I could put myself in that life to see what the hell's so glorious about it, why they do things that way.

Aside: You know what really boggles me?  The fact that no one can ever truly recreate our percieved reality.  No one can recreate the images of reality that we see with our own two eyes.  People have tried, for over a century now, but it's so absolutely amazing that they can't, and they never will.  Optical vision is so fucking unique.  Beautiful.
(sorry for the multis, I had to reedit since it cut out some stuff.)
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