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Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Dream

Current mood: introspective

This will take a while.

Before I start, I will mention that in my dreams, things tend to change without being noticed, and no seques or scene changes. I will refer to sudden changes like this multiple times.

 My dream started with me pulling up to a food stand in a southwestern city. The sun had just started to set, so everything was illuminated in that yellow-orange color. We got out of our 15-passenger van and stood around it The group was my summer camp. In our group was Christy, the counselor, her friend Randy, the other counselor (who was never a counselor in real life), Me, Nick, Claudia, Margy, and Kevin. Both Randy and Christy are in the early 30's while all the campers including me are 14/15. The last 5 there are the campers and comprise the group that attended this year's camp. Everybody here is a friend of mine, including counselors. At the food stand, I ask Christy, who also runs and manages the camp, if we can get frybread at the food stand. She says no and makes a big deal out of how I always ask stuff like that. It makes sense because every penny she spends is a penny she doesn't get, but I brush off the reprimands as an overreaction.

Now we are in the same group but without Christy and Randy, the counselors. We are are in some mall that was adjacent to the snack stand, in line to get into a store there. The mall is not a regular mall; everything is dark with dim lighting, especially this store. In the room I was in was a waiting room with some lighting, a line of people, and an entrance into the actual store. The wall were light blue with stainless steel trimming and a pink door to the left.  In the store itself, through the doorway, it is very dark except for some black lights and glow sticks held by people. Rave music is emanating from the room, specifically the music in the Dr. Pepper commercial featuring Dr. Dre placing a soda can on top of a record being played at high speeds to create the aforementioned music and by doing so, slowing down the record to reveal a cool, funky, and slow song. Anyway, that first bit of fast, rave-type music was being used. Also inside, because it is a store, are racks of shiny, glittery, flashy clothing. The weirdest part was that the store was called "Limited too.", which is an actual clothing brand, but actually much more focuses on flowers and the color pink. In this line, We all were horsing around and ticking people off. We kept running around, cutting in line, and damaging the corny decor. Nick and Claudia were especially bold and jovial. Eventually, the manager came out, who was a rather feminine young man who spoke with a high pitched voice and slight lisp; the overall stereotypical gay guy. He told us to stop and to get our parents in here so they could be involved with the punishment or whatever, but we laughed in his face and hrew stuff at him before running out. I had that sinking feeling that I was about to be in big trouble for a stupid reason, but kept on remembering there was no way I could be punished. 

Next, I was on a boat. It was an old 18th century kind of boat, and very large. There were 8 other boats arranged in two parallel lines of 4, and our boat was in the front to the left. We were all in the middle of the ocean, and the weather was poor. The sky was very cloudy and had purple and greenish tinges to it, illuminated by sparse rays of sun poking through. The seas were rough with twenty foot swells. Rain was pouring down everwhere, but I didn't feel it (it was a dream, after all). I was inside at first. I was in a large room on the starboard side of the ship. The room was oblong, with on curved edge at the side of the ship on which the windows were. We were all changed to the walls with shackles at our wrists and feet. At the front of this room were our leaders, who were also in chains. They were all relatively young nuns. One of them was Sister Helen from the show "Grounded for Life". The small amount of power of ruling a group of 30 or so 14/15 year-olds who were already chained to walls had already gone to their heads. We were arranged in groups of 4 or 5, one group being the nuns. We were doing some sort of contest amongst the groups, the specifics of I which forget. The nuns were cheating, and then mocking us for not doing well enough to compete with them. That part was frustrating, and we were all angry at them for it. Next, we were outside on a side deck that would not have existed in the revious plan of the boat. Because it is a dream, things had changed and the room had become a deck with no outer wall or ceiling, but still having the inner wall. The same stuff carried on outside as inside. For some reason, I just knew that out there on the deck I was undergoing the end of the world, or at least mine. I knew that this boat was carrying the only survivors.

Now I was in the same boat arrangement, but in the back right boat instead of front left. I was on a deck similar to the previous time, but on the other side and facing the rest of the boats. I was chained next to Kevin, who was making critical but true remarks about our corrupt leaders (the nuns), as he would in real life. I was truthfully agreeing but not contributing to the conversation as I would in real life. 

Now the scene had changed drastically. It was light out again, and the skies were perfectly clear and sunny. I was in a swimming pool that was 3 feet deep. I was 50 ft to the edge on one side, and past the edge of the pool was a dry, barren desert with tough, dry soil extending what seemed like forever. On my other side, the pool extended on for ever, with perfectly clear blue water without any dirt or debris or blemishes. There were virtually no signs of life with the exception of me, Nick, Claudia, (who were both with me) and the other "people". I put quotations around that because they were not normal people. They looked like something out of the twilight zone, with odd changes to their facial arrangements. Specifically, pointy things around their eyes and ears, and other weird things like that. Their faces looked streamline. I knew they weren't human. As we slowly walked through the pool up to the edge, they all silently glared at us as if we were intruding and there was nothing they could do about it. I thought that the three of us were the three remaining humans, and how awkward re-population would be with two close friends. I had the strangest feeling that I had surpassed the limits of this world just in time for that world to collapse.

Now I was in a plain old desert. There was the same dry soil but there were two agave plants and a marijuana plant. It was the middle of the day, but the sky was cloudy, and it was somewhat dark. In this area was the only building visible across the infinitely expanding desert landscape. The building was my high school, but it looked slightly disheveled. The colors of the welcome sign and the bricks were faded and caked with dry, windblown dirt in a way that would suggest there was no rain or maintenance in a long time. There was a road leading up to the bus circle and a parking lot, but it continued forever in the opposite direction. On the other side of the building was a baseball backstop, which coupled with the school made the only two structures visible in this endlessly expansive lifeless desert. But we were not alone, and our company was of our species. Various upperclassmen from my school were also there, in a group of 50 or so. Some of them were running around and laughing and having fun, others were sitting on the ground, talking or just thinking. For some reason, in this dream, this group of kids was what kidview, a before and after school child care program in the elementary school that exists for real at my school, had turned into after being left unattended by adults for who knows how long. When Nick, Claudia and I first arrived, we were surrounded by a group of people wondering where we came from. Now, before I say this next part, I will mention that in dreams I do ridiculous things that I would do things I would never do in real life. In this instance, I grabbed several of the Marijuana plant's leaves, rolled them in paper, and then lit and smoked it. I want to emphasize that I never have or will do pot, this is just what happened in the dream. I figured that since no parents or law enforcement was around, I'd do it just to try it. Claudia was shocked by me doing such a thing, but I told her to relaxed and that I was just trying it. However, being a dream, I felt no effects of it. I went to talk to my buddy Steve, who happened to be there. He told me how this was a post-apocalypse civilization, but he was the only to realize it and the others expected to be saved somehow. I ignored his dire forecast, but I agreed with him internally. I was mysteriously not worried what would happen to us, thinking that this place is so wierd that we will probably be provided with sustenance somehow. Because this was kidview, I asked him if they had any k'nex. You see, in real life, when I used to be in kidview,  I would occupy my time by playing with the toys they provided, and k'nex was my favorite. Being in kidview I was prompted to ask that. He told me that they didn't, but they did have urban'nex, a company-made spin off that was supposedly more modern. I wrote it off as something for tools. I instead continued talking to Steve. He had just been reminded that he had to meet his friend mos urban. I concluded he was a wangsta, with a dumb name so obviously based off of mos def. Just then a guy who looked like Dave Chappelle pulled up. He had driven one of our township's maintenance trucks up the road and stopped right by us. I somehow knew he did not work for the township. Steve ran up to the window to talk to him, and I think I saw him exchange drugs with Steve, which made me lose respect for him. I always thought Steve was cool, and this was a disappointment.
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