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Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of the Year Blog

Current mood: calm

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Hello everyone, I managed to get my thoughts together before 2017.

I was looking at my last blog, it was very positive about my musical progression. However, things haven't been that great. Before late November, my inspiration was gone, I had a rough time writing anything, which means there is no new complete songs done this year. However, I have managed to find the music and the inspiration again. I've almost got 2 more songs ready and 2 more need a bit more songwriting work. Which means that I would end up with a total of 6 songs, with length at least around 35 minutes. I can only hope that by the time these songs are ready, I will have the minimum equipment required to record them, which include a DAW, a bass, a USB-keyboard and a nice virtual drum program.

Let's hope my musical side starts looking as bright as my other project, which is bodybuilding and fat loss. If you're interested in that, you can check out
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