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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Almost forgot to write one

Current mood: calm

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Yep, it's that time of the year again.. to sum the year up and think about the next one.

Soo.. band ended early this year, which sucks, but hey, that's life.
Right now I'm in songwriting mode and I'm making some real progress again, haven't done that for like half a year now.
The stuff I'm writing is progressive at best.. but yeah, sort of metal, goes to rock as well, has influences from all of my favorite bands.
When I get enough time, get my DAW working and get good VST drums (recording real ones is not an option right now), I can probably finally start releasing stuff and slowly build up "hype" for an EP or maybe I'll skip EP stuff and just make a whole album. I really don't like EPs although they do give a nice option to have a "sneak peek" to an artist's music. So maybe I'll do one, who knows. Probably going to use Soundcloud or Bandcamp, haven't thought which one would be the better platform.

Soo, goals for next year are
- Make time for music
- Finish first year of school with good grades
- Get an acoustic
- Get DAW stuff
- Record the album
- Build up social media stuff (Artist facebook page and so on)
- Release the EP?

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