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Saturday, December 06, 2014

And I am late!

Current mood: cheerful

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Ahahaha, how amazing is that...

Anyways, NGD coming up. I'll give you an idea. It's something darker and in a way deeper than what I have.

What I told I would get last time on my blog happened, I have a custom 6-string right to my specs and I love it to death. I also love my newest guitar to death.

I'm not sure really how much I've advanced in guitar playing this year, but definitely more versed in songwriting. I also find it easier to create different passages to spice up songs, both existing and new-comers.

What else is there..? I also got a keyboard for myself, songwriting and fun purposes. Will post that along with the new guitar, I guess. I got that over a month ago.

So, since I've pretty much always accomplished at least some of my goals, here are some to follow:
- Gigs
- Get better at songwriting
- Get better at guitar
- Get better at piano (I am a newbie though, so this one's easy)
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