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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Blog of December 4th

Current mood: accomplished

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Well, what can I say? This year I am not too late.

It's the time of the year I'm finally posting a blog.. Man, what a year it has been. Yeah, lots of stuff going IRL, not getting into that, this is for my guitar skills/gear only...

I have got more pedals, that's for certain. Got myself a great OD pedal that I absolutely love and also got into delay world. To me, Flashback X4 is the best delay pedal out there.

Getting more skilled is actually something I have done. I learn things much quicker now, my alternate picking is much more accurate and faster. On top of that, I can finally use my left hand's pinky for something on the fretboard. Last year it was so-so.

Songwriting has been on a halt for a long time, but I think the main thing I've learnt is that how awesome it feels when after a few rehearsals together on a new song, everything just falls in it's place. It's very rewarding.

I have started writing lyrics again, no doubt about that. Be they better than earlier ones, that's for YOU to decide.

So, get band going strong, not really. Or well yeah, we do have a lot of own songs.. enough for one album anyways. And those that we have practiced sound very tight and together.

Things to do next year...
- Get more skilled
- Get more skilled
- Get more skilled
- Get your custom guitar
Yeah, that last point is actually true. I am getting a guitar built to me to my own  specs. On top of that, it's a body design that of course already exists, but with it's own vibe.. You'll see soon enough.
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