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Friday, December 07, 2012

Funny, happened again

Current mood: thankful

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Well, 3 days late again.. But who cares.

Looked at the blog that I posted one year ago and I've pretty much got to the point that I wanted to in one year. I'm much better in all playing aspects. I've learned how to write songs too and some solos of my own as well..

I've changed some gear, as some have noticed and some know. I changed my Marshall to a Laney. Definitely the most pleasing upgrade of the year. Connected to a cabinet with Celestion G12T-75s MADE IN UK. Got that one bit before the head, I absolutely love the cab. Going to just need some wheels for it. Also got EMGs on my Gibson in the early spring. What else... I got in the OD world too, yeah. Digging those pedals really and I need some more. Delay for sure, EQ maybe. 

But what I need more is even more skill. Now I trust myself enough that I can say that I will be better next December, that's for granted. Who knows what big will happen. Our band is doing well and healthy, yet we haven't posted anything about it, maybe we should. Then again, we don't have anything great to record with, but that could be just the smallest problem. We're starting to get really critical of our own stuff and playing our very own songs feels really, really good. We even played one of our own live 3 months ago or so. Learned that I'm pretty stage-frightened, but not crapping my pants cause of that.

It's been a great year all in all. Have no regrets whatsoever. Well, I'd like to have a job, yeah. To feed my GAS.

So, achievement list:

- New amplifier to enhance my tone DONE
- Upgraded pickups DONE
- Learned to use wah-wah I GUESS 
- Get better at guitar DONE
- Learn about tone and how to enhance your sound DONE

So, what is to be done next year

- Get some pedals
- Get more skilled
- Get better at songwriting
- Start writing lyrics again
- Get the band going strong

Well, I'm out, for now, don't know when I'll be posting a blog again but I'm pretty much here every single day. Hit me up and ask me anything, especially about gear. I can give some advice, which can be really biased, but at least it'll be one way to look at things.

Keep on rocking in the free world!

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