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Monday, March 08, 2010


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We're all nothing anyway. And in 2 billion years, does it really matter? Do whatever we want for the short throw-potassium-in-water we have until the universe decides to recycle the virtually zero energy that makes us up. And then the sun will run out of energy and destroy what we left behind, and it'll be dark in the tiny dot on the spectrum of the universe until a new star just like all the other billions of trillions of trillions of stars that are all the same and are ther for no reason at all. They don't even have a reason behind their existence themselves- we have that in common. And then the "new sun" forming from the messy ash leftover from our solar system will form and gain planets. And while the new sun is doing this, in a different galaxy in a differen solar system on a different planet, some alien species will have this conversation with a friend and their own star will explode, but they won't know that for several minutes. Then it'll destroy all they've ever known and noone will even know they were ever there. Because in an infinite universe, what is one's own thoughts? Nothing. The closest to nothing anything could ever be. But they will be destroyed and forgotten just as we will be, because they live the life of potassium in water too.
And yet we will continue to sit here talking about pretty girls based on how attractive we find their face and how fit they are, because of some ancient instinct instilled in us to find an attractive mate so that our genes will live on after our death- but guess what? Our instinct and genes don't know that the sun will explode. And all that we can do see or say is meaningless. And then we will sit down and listen to some music and it will affect use emotionally and mentally, and we will understand how it does so just about as well as we understand the universe. Now, maybe there is a meaning behind this. But maybe we're not part of the meaning either. Maybe we're too small to ever realize the meaning if there is one. But that girl is beautiful, and that song is awesome, Huh?
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