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Monday, May 10, 2010

Chapter 2 The First Day (Continued)

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Zatsu turned and playfully punched Riku’s right arm, “Yeah, a twin that doesn’t know how to sneak up on people anymore.” he laughed.

Riku stood there for a moment and smiled. “Well, introduce me to your new friend, you rude-ass.” he chuckled.

“Oh.” Zatsu said quickly, “Riku, this is Sierra Dawn. Sierra, this is my twin brother, Riku.”

The two of them shook hands.

“Well, I’m going to go get some lunch,” said Sierra, “You guys coming?”

“We don’t usually eat at school,” Riku said to Sierra.

“I’ll go wait for you when you get out of the line.” Zatsu offered.

Riku looked awkwardly at Zatsu, “Okay. I might as well stick with you.”

They walked Sierra to the start of the lunch line and waited next to the cafeteria exit.

A couple of guys walked by and looked at Riku and Zatsu, “Oh, shit. That’s them! The Mayonak–”

“Get lost.” Zatsu said, sternly.

The two boys quickened their pace and left.

After they left Riku’s face turned to worry, “Shit!”

“I know.” Zatsu said, seriously, “Let’s just wait this out and see what happens.”

Sierra showed up while they were distracted by the two boys, “Who died?” she asked, jokingly.

Zatsu snapped out of his stressful stupor, “Oh, you’re back. Let’s go.” Zatsu started walking away and Riku soon followed him.

“Well, that wasn’t weird at all…” Sierra muttered under her breath. She then followed Riku and Zatsu, walking away from the cafeteria.


The last period of the day.

Zatsu sat waiting in his chemistry class, counting away the seconds on the clock at the front of the class. The last few minutes dragged on forever.

Come on. Zatsu thought to himself, I need to get the hell out of here!

Then the bell rang, trumpeting the sweet sound of freedom.

Zatsu rushed and was the first out of his class. He found his way out to the front of the school and waited for Riku to show up.

When he finally arrived he handed his stuff to Zatsu. “Can you watch this for me while I go to the bathroom real quick? I swear I won’t be long.” He then jogged off leaving Zatsu to wait for him once again.

About ten seconds later a familiar face passed Zatsu. The boy turned back and stood in front of Zatsu.

“Oh. It’s you again,” the boy said.

After hearing him speak Zatsu instantly recognized why he seemed familiar, it was the boy from his English class. Zatsu was always good at putting up a tough front but somewhere deep in his subconscious something began to happen that hadn’t happened in a long time: Zatsu began to panic.

“Look, leave me alone. I don’t want any trouble.” Zatsu said, passively.

The boy laughed, “It was too late for that when you interrupted me in class.” He took a step towards Zatsu, “You may not want trouble, but trouble has found you.”

Zatsu stood his ground, “Back off, now, or you just might get hurt.”

“Oh, I’d love to see that,” the boy said in a cocky tone.

Zatsu was beginning to get impatient, “Just go on home.”

“Not until we settle our little situation here.”

Zatsu started slipping, “Situation?” he stepped forward, “The only situation I have here is a rude asshole that refuses to get out of my face.”

A crowd was starting to gather.

The boy looked like he’d been slapped in the face. “Asshole?”

They were practically nose to nose now, “Yeah,” Zatsu grinned, “What else do you call a guy that has to pick on a girl just to feel like a man?”

The boy had had enough. He stepped back and slammed a fist into Zatsu’s face.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd.

Zatsu stood there, quietly, for a moment. He then brought up his right hand and put his index finger behind his lower lip. When he pulled it out it was covered in blood. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did you just hit me?” he said, sarcastically, “I hadn’t noticed… Let me show you what a real punch is!” he said and lunged toward the boy, fist raised.

“Zatsu, no!” Riku rushed through the crowd and got Zatsu in a half nelson to keep him from hitting the boy.

Zatsu struggled against Riku's arms.

A look of fear spread across the boy's face. Then the fear soon changed to amusement, “Zatsuyou? Zatsuyou Mayonaka?” he busted into laughter, “You're the fighter, Zatsuou Mayonaka?” he pointed to Zatsu, “You're a joke!”

Zatsu snapped. He started struggling even more.

“Zatsu! Stop! He's not worth it!” he continued to struggle, “Don't you remember what happened last time?”

Zatsu went still and began to tremble. He then pointed at the boy, “You have no idea how fucking lucky you are.” He scooped up his belongings and walked away quickly, ignoring the boy.

“That’s right, run away little bitch!” the boy said.

There was an eruption waiting to burst forth from Zatsu, but he maintained his course and continued to ignore the boy.

Riku soon began to follow Zatsu.

“That must make you Riku, right?” the boy said.

Riku stopped and looked back at the boy, pure loathing in his eyes, “Just leave us alone, you dick.” He turned back around and continued after his brother.

Riku jogged to catch up with Zatsu. “You know I had no choice, Zatsu. You know we can’t afford to get kicked out of this school.” He looked down at the sidewalk, “I swear… sometimes this reputation is like a curse. From one school to the next, year after year. I’m so fuckin’ glad that this is our last year of high school.”

Zatsu stayed quiet.

“I hope you’re not mad at me for that. I was just trying to protect you. Kenji was one thing, you lost control. We were only eight so nothing happened, but we’re almost adults now.” Riku said, sincerely. “I’m not losing you over something so stupid.”

Zatsu flinched at the mention of that name. It is stupid, he thought to himself, but I can’t help it.

They reached a crosswalk and waited for the light to change. Zatsu began pushing the button to cross, repeatedly; every push stronger than the one before it. The light was still red. He began to get impatient, and Riku was beginning to look worried. Then Zatsu lost his temper, “Fucking change!!” he slammed his fist into the button. The pole dented inward and the button shot out of the back.

The light finally changed and Zatsu began storming across the street. Riku stared in shock at the pole, then at the button on the floor. He picked it up and looked at the imprint of Zatsu’s fist, “What the…?” he then looked up and saw the light was changing and he quickly sprinted across the street after his brother.

They soon arrived home and Riku went to their room still holding the twisted chunk of metal that used to be a button. “How did he…? What the hell?” he turned the metal in his hands. He still couldn’t believe what he saw.

Zatsuyou came to their room to drop off his school bag. He then left the room and headed for the garage before Riku could say anything.

As soon as he entered he turned on the light and headed for the weight bench. He picked up the dumbbell in the rack with one hand to test the weight. He looked at the weights on both sides and tallied it up in his head, 60 on one side and another 60 on the other, he thought to himself, with a 45 pound bar that totals out to... 165 pounds?! He put it down quickly, surprised at his strength. Then thought for a moment, It felt too light...

He walked over to a weight rack and added a 50 pound weight to each side and lied down on the bench. He took a deep breath, counted to three and lifted the weight. It felt surprisingly light in his hands. He put down the bar and looked at his hands, “How...?”

He got up and walked over to the rack once again and stopped. He looked from the bench to the weight rack, “I wonder...”

About a minute later he succeeded in putting all of the remaining weights on the bar. He lied down again and stared at the bar, “That should be about 465 pounds...” he gripped the bar tightly, took a deep breath, closed his eyes and counted to three... then pushed with everything he had.

The bar almost flew out of his hands. He was shocked... too shocked. His grip faltered and the weight came down, right towards his face. He slipped out from under the weight at the last second; the weight collided with the bench and dented it. “Oh, fuck!” Zatsu said out loud. He stared at the dumbbell and the now dented bench completely bewildered.

After a while his bewilderment turned into rage, “Why wasn't it heavy enough?!” He quickly got up off the bench. His whole body felt like it was throbbing, “What's happening to me?!” he ran to a nearby punching bag hanging from the ceiling and kicked it with all his strength. The chains attaching the bag to the ceiling snapped and the bag flew and hit the wall. The side of the bag split open and sand spilled all over the floor. Every muscle in Zatsu's body tensed and he roared with rage. He noticed his reflection in a nearby mirror. The immense anger blurred his vision, it seemed as though his body was shrouded in some kind of aura. He took a step toward the mirror and fell over weakened, then went unconscious.


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