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Monday, May 10, 2010

Chapter 2 The First Day

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The First Day


The darkness had a firm hold of the room with the exception of some ambient sunlight creeping through the cracks of the blinds. The light falls upon the cheek of a seventeen year old boy lying in bed. An alarm fills the room as the clock begins to display the time 7:00a.m. The boy opens his blue eyes to the sunlight and quickly closes them, “Ah! I hate waking up to a blinding light.” He turns off the alarm then rises from his bed and stretches thoroughly. He walked over to the light switch and turned it on to see his twin brother wincing.

“Couldn’t you spare me the blindness?” his twin said as he sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Oh, come on, you had it easy.” he said, “At least you didn’t have to wake up with the sun in your eyes.” He started to walk toward the bedroom door, “Get up. We start today, remember?”

The twin blinked a few times as he continued to adjust to the light. He ran a hand through his short hair, “Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.” He got up off his bed and walked to the closet.

The boy looked back, “I’m going to go take a shower,” he said as he opened the door, “Can you get my clothes ready while I’m in there?”

“Sure.” the twin said, “But only because it’ll save time and I don’t want to be late.” he added quickly. The boy turned to leave, “Don’t take long because I’m next!”


Ten minutes later the boy got out of the shower and drew a large “M” into the fog of the bathroom mirror. M, he thought to himself, M for Mayonaka. He then wiped away the rest of the fog with his hand and looked at himself in the mirror. His long dark hair was dripping wet. He inspected his body, starting with his muscular legs moving up past his mid-section to his defined upper body. He stared into his own eyes. Blue eyes must be an extremely rare characteristic to people that are even part Japanese, he thought to himself, I wonder why Riku and I have them.

This was a question that was often on the mind of Zatsuyou Mayonaka. He has always had many questions about his heritage; questions that would most likely never be answered for the fact that he was orphaned at an early age. With no parents to give answers, how was he to know who he truly was? But, for now, these questions must wait… he has to get ready.

He dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist then returned to his room to see his twin leaving.

“It’s about damn time, Zats.” he said as he passed.

Zatsuyou ignored him and entered his room. He closed the door and took off his towel. He then walked over to his bed to see a black button-up shirt, a pair of dark green cargo pants, and a pair of boxers lying in wait for him. He dressed quickly, grabbed his stuff and waited for his twin to get out and get ready.

The twin entered the room with a towel wrapped around his waist. “It’s about damn time, Riku!” Zatsu said, sarcastically.

When Riku finished getting ready they headed for the front door. They saw Derek, Mike, and Jake as they were leaving.

“Have a good day at school you guys!” Derek said as they all left.


Zatsuyou, Riku, Mike, and Jake walked through the cool air. The morning was surprisingly chilly for summer. Mike and Jake were wearing sweaters but Riku and Zatsu weren’t fazed by the morning chill. “How can you two take this cold? You’re inhuman!” Mike said jokingly and they all laughed.

            They parted ways at the next crosswalk and Riku and Zatsu began walking to their school.

“What do you think of today, Riku?” he said calmly.

            “I don’t know. It’s just another first day of school is all. I guess I’m a little excited, but…” he paused and thought for a moment, “You don’t think we’ll end up in a fight today, do you Zatsu?”

Zatsu sighed, “Well, this is a transfer from our old school so as long as our reputation hasn’t beat us here I think we should be okay. Even still I don’t think we should let our guard down, okay little bro?”

Riku stopped and glared at his brother defiantly, “Hey! Just because you were born two minutes before me it doesn’t mean you have to call me ‘little bro’!”

Zatsu laughed, “I was just messing with you. Relax.” He put his arms around his brother’s shoulders and patted him on the back as the front of their new school came into view.


“Alright… 4th period.” Zatsu said as he looked down at his new schedule. “I’ve got English in room 302 with… Smith? God, what a boring name.”

Zatsu left his 3rd period class and turned left down a hallway until he saw a breeze-way to his left. He walked through the breeze-way and saw a room marked “302” to his left at the end.

He entered the classroom and sat down at a nearby desk next to a boy he didn’t know. About a minute later a girl entered the room. She wore dark clothing and dark make up. It wasn’t too hard to make her out as a Goth.

Zatsu was intrigued by her. She doesn’t seem to look like a prep, he thought to himself, not to me anyways… but that’s good: most preps are annoying. He chuckled under his breath as the girl sat in front of him. “Hello.” She glanced over her shoulder, then turned around and stayed quiet.

The boy sitting next to Zatsu spoke to the girl, “Well, look what we have here.” he said, “The freak has entered the building.”

Zatsu waited in silence for the girl to respond. “Leave her alone.” he said to the boy.

The boy stared at Zatsu, “Was I talking to you?”

“No, but–”

“Well, then mind your own business.” he said.

Now Zatsu was getting frustrated, he gripped the edge of his desk and felt the wood crack slightly. “I said, ‘Leave her alone.’”

“Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?” the boy said to Zatsu.

His eyes narrowed with a piercing intensity, “I’ll tell you one thing: I’m not one to be an innocent by-stander,” he said sternly, “and I hate it when people like you pick on people like her because they won’t defend themselves.”

The girl shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

The boy glared at Zatsu, then looked at the girl, “Don’t worry, I’ll see you later.” He then grabbed his stuff and moved across the room.

Zatsu and the girl both sat quietly for a moment until she broke the silence.

“Thanks for that,” she said hesitantly.

“It was nothing, I hate people like him. Bullies really piss me off.” he said to her, “I’m Zatsu, by the way. Zatsuyou Mayonaka.”

The girl turned and faced Zatsu, “I’m Sierra Dawn.” she said with her hand out.

Zatsu shook her hand, “That’s a pretty name. Nice to meet you Sierra.” she blushed slightly, “You know what? Give me a shout if that guy ever bothers you again.”

Her face lit up in surprise, “Really?!” Zatsu nodded, “Wow, thanks.”

He smiled, “Nice necklace, by the way.” he said.

She clutched the pentacle pendant hanging around her neck, “I’m not a Satanist.” she said, quickly.

Zatsu was taken aback. “I never said that.” he said laughing, “I know what that means and it has nothing to do with the devil. That’s the pentacle. It stands for the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, and the Spirit. It’s a Wiccan religious symbol.” Sierra looked surprised. “I do a lot of reading.” he said with a chuckle.

“Well,” she said in a relaxed manner, “it’s nice to finally meet someone that isn’t a close-minded, ignorant jackass.”

Zatsu thought for a moment, “Do you have any friends?”

She sighed, “None that go to this school. My dad recently passed away and my mom and I moved here to get away from our old home. Ever since his passing I couldn’t turn a corner in that house without remembering his face. It was too difficult to stay there.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” he said, sincerely.

She half-smiled and looked up at him, “Its okay.” she said solemnly, “I mean, we all have to go sometime, right?”

Zatsu looked at the floor and remembered his mother’s face, “Yeah, I guess so.”

They both faced forward to find that the teacher was staring at them with an impatient look on his face. They soon realized that class had started while they were buried in conversation. “Well, now that you two are done talking I do believe we can start class, but with your permission of course.” Mr. Smith said sternly.

Zatsu could hear the boy from earlier chuckling on the other side of the room.

With a quick nod the teacher began his introduction to the English class.


The bell rang, signaling the end of 4th period and the beginning of lunch. The students in Mr. Smith’s class began to stand and file out of the room.

“Don’t forget. For homework you have to write a short, one page essay about yourself. Standard format: three paragraphs.” he said, quickly, but the majority of the students ignored him, “I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

Zatsu and Sierra were the last two students in the class.

“So, do you want to hang out for lunch?” Sierra said, hopefully.

“Sure, why not?” replied Zatsu. “I have to meet my brother, though.”

They began walking towards the door. “Oh, you have a brother that goes here?” said Sierra, “That’s cool. I have an older sister, but she doesn’t live here.”

“Ah, how come?” asked Zatsu.

“Well, she went off to college. Some fancy place back east close to where we used to live.” she looked down, “It’s been so long since we’ve talked that I don’t even remember what she’s studying there.”

Riku snuck up on Zatsu and grabbed him by the shoulders, “Hey, Zats!” Riku said loudly, startling Sierra, “Make a new friend already?”

“You do realize that you’re too damn loud, right?” Zatsu said with a chuckle.

Sierra turned and looked at Riku, then to Zatsu, and back to Riku. She did a double take and shook her head, “You didn’t mention that he was your twin.”

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