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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Rules of Facebook

Current mood: annoyed

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So I'm more typing this to rant....

1. If you don't give details, we don't know what you're talking about. Posting random stuff like "I'm sick of this" means nothing to anybody. We don't wanna read it, you shouldn't post it. It's annoying!

2. I don't wanna see pictures of dead people or abused animals on my wall. I understand your support, and I understand your concern, but hitting that like button will do nothing but put that crap on MY wall. Any violators will be mercilessly beaten until they look like the people in the pictures.

3. If you don't know me, don't friend me. Nuff said.

4. Just because a picture is cool, you don't have to like it plus 5 others. If one is cool, like the one, and if necessary, share it. Just the one. If I want to not laugh, I'll go to the pit.

5. For the love of God, Jesus, Notch, Satan, whoever you pray to, use proper grammar. Nobody wants to see this "hey man i herd u liek dis so i psted it on ur wll man" crap. If your not intelligent enough to post on real words, you're probably not intelligent enough to post.

6. Just because I'm on, doesn't mean I always want to chat. There are 2 people in the world I will willingly chat with enthusiastically at any time. Odds are, you aren't one. And if you don't know me and aren't my friend in real life (You should know me, I only friend people I know) DON'T start opening the chat box. I will probably ignore you.

6.5 Also if it says I'm on, I might not be on. I don't always close my laptop all the way, or bother to hit the close button. If I'm not there, don't send me 50000 messages asking where I am.

6.75 Don't message pictures.

6.875 Don't take 45 minutes to respond more than once. If you're away, I get it. However, if you take an hour to respond constantly, you WILL be ignored the next time you wanna chat

7. If you're going to take pictures, at least change the pose occasionally.

8. If you're under 16 and keep posting about your boyfriend/girlfriend you will be ignored. If you are over but have only been dating for 3 days and "love them with all your heart" you will be mercilessly flogged.

9. If you have plans for 2015, I don't wanna hear them. Let me know closer to the date. Any violators will be put to death.

10. Song lyrics. They are acceptable, as long as they are meaningful and you are just looking to vent somewhere. I don't wanna see "Hey I heard you was a wild one" or any stupid crap.

10.5 Don't start music wars. Don't. It's annoying, I don't care about your stupid music. If you ask me what Dream Theater is, I will tell you "better than what you listen to" and proceed to beat you. Also, I don't wanna see you call those stupid angsty boybands metal. Any violators will be forced to listen to a mixture of In Mourning, Dissection, and Meshuggah until their views are corrected.

11. And finally....... If you get onto somebody's computer and post that you hacked them, I WILL find you and I will CUT you. Hacked =/= you left your Facebook open. Violators will be given a free flogging.
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