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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daily Rant (Come here for laughs and cake!)

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Awesome, so yeah, never posted a blog. I figured I need a place to let off some steam in mostly serious ways. IE post it in blogs on the internet that no one will read!

And for those who are like "hurrdurr thats not funy" it's not SUPPOSED to be funny. I seriously am ranting. So shut up.

So, that being said, I shall get started.

I hate cheese graters. I really do. They make shredded cheese for a reason, so idiots like me don't cut their f***ing thumbs in those tiny little holes they put in those bastards. It's like "Crap. I'm outta cheese... Wait, here's a giant block of sharp cheddar... ****, gotta use my cheese grater."

Little freaking holes always wanting to take my skin
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