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Monday, January 02, 2017

The Tone Snob King

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Hey what's up everyone Rook here, lets talk about those snobby tone snobists today.Ok guys we all know that one guy or girl who thinks they know everything about gear and how if you don't play out of a Cranked Marshall tube amp with a Gibson your tone "sucks". The digital age is here and gives us unlimited options for tonal greatness. Now before we get into that I am a huge fan of tube amps and all the great classic gear, but I do think amp sims/modelers are a beautiful thing. It makes me sad at the amount of people who just hate on digital stuff and have never even tried it! This reminds me of a conversation me and a buddy were having about the axe fx. He was just talking mad sh$t about it so I wanted to find out what he didn't like about it, and his answer was " I don't know I've never played through one I just know its not as good as the real thing and probably just sounds like crap....hahaha What! how can you hate something you have never tried or probably really heard. He was/is a "Tone Snob". This is just a personal opinion but I'm a strong believer in good tone comes from your hands and the way you pick. Everything else is just tools to help with the tone. Does the painter rely on a certain paintbrush to paint his picture or his hands? Now I do get you can't paint a pretty picture with a broken brush or easel, just like you can't get a great tone with a ripped speaker cone or broken, out of tune guitar. The song or picture comes from the musician or painter. Having a Bogner or Soldano with a custom shop Paul Reed Smith or Gibson Les Paul would be very nice to have and even more amazing to play through but no required to write an amazing song or have a nice guitar tone. I'm not a fan of line 6 amps at all but if someone said your playing a spider tonight, guess what  I would play my best and find the best tone I could out of it and give the best performance I could. The only people that  might say something are the few Tone snobs that probably weren't even paying attention to your awesome performance and just want to tell you how they achieve "perfect tone" and how yours sucks.To end this lets just all not become that guy(tone snob), instead of worrying about a amp or piece of gear making your song or tone sound better try practicing tell you perfect or write better songs. Lets start 2017 off by ridding of the tone snobs!

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aerosmithfan95 wrote on Jan 17th, 2017 1:10am

People are very close-minded with newer media in music. Personally, I use a Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 and a couple Epi Valve Jrs as my amps, and I never tried any digital means of amplification like Axe-FX and Bias. Though I use tube amps, the demos that I've heard of Axe/Bias are superb, and at times, even sound better "than the real deal."

Most tone snobs are usually, in my experience, are one of two groups. One group is the older crowd of musicians who grew up in the 60s and 70s playing through gear, and most tend to be "blues guys" who can hardly play most of the time. The other group are young kids who "have to be just like their idols."


Rookda wrote on Jan 18th, 2017 5:56am

Dude yes! haha I couldn't agree with you more. Well said


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