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Friday, September 01, 2017


Current mood: horny

So I've had my Axe-FX II for a couple months now and I could not be any happier with it than I am! I see alot of people hating on it which I totally get, Personal preference is real, but man you can do anything with this! I have been comparing it to my amps and friends amps and it sounds exactly the same it not better! This is my main baby for recording now and can't wait to use it live! One thing I have noticed people saying and is true is that you do have to do a bit of tweaking to get that perfect tone, but it is worth it!I did a comparison video of it compared to a line 6 XT POD live and it blows it out of the water check it out below!
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fractal Axe-FX II

Current mood: high

Well I finally splurged and got the Axe-fx 2 and I couldn't be more happy right now. Hands down the best piece of gear I have ever owned. I have and will always love a good 50-100 watt tube head cranked into a 4x12 but the axe is my new go to. Jamming with my band through the axe is amazing. Having literally 100's and 100's of different amp and cab combos is a whole lot more fun then just one. The amount of effects on here is unreal! With 380+ spots to save presets you can literally create all your dream rigs in one simple amazing box. The ability to tone-match and create your own IR's is another awesome feature. Comparing this to my 50 watt 5150iii and friends 6505+ I can hear no difference tone wise between the two. Having this in your studio is also very very handy. Sometimes I get a little crazy with the tweaking of tones haha but its alot of fun to me. You can dial in a amazing tone in seconds or spend hours changing tube type and bias, speaker drive,and sooooo many more options. The axe exchange is also another brilliant idea where everyone can share and download each others presets. Fractal killed it soo good with this piece of gear holy crap! Kemper, positive grid, line 6 all these company's are awesome and sell great products but I went with the Axe-FX 2 and am very happy with my choice. If you would like to hear a few presets and amp models check out the video below!
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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Great guitar tone from free plugins!

I know I'm late for using Lepou and Lecab plugins and everyone already knows about it, but if you don't I would highly suggest checking them out. I also recently started to use some of the TSE plugins, mainly the tubescreamer. They are also free and amazing. I like to use JST Toneforge a lot and Amplitude for the most part when it comes to using amp sims but Lepou ( mainly the Legion amp sim) is starting to become my personal favorite. Check out the video below to see a demo on all Lepou amp sims!
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Monday, January 02, 2017

The Tone Snob King

Current mood: thankful

Hey what's up everyone Rook here, lets talk about those snobby tone snobists today.Ok guys we all know that one guy or girl who thinks they know everything about gear and how if you don't play out of a Cranked Marshall tube amp with a Gibson your tone "sucks". The digital age is here and gives us unlimited options for tonal greatness. Now before we get into that I am a huge fan of tube amps and all the great classic gear, but I do think amp sims/modelers are a beautiful thing. It makes me sad at the amount of people who just hate on digital stuff and have never even tried it! This reminds me of a conversation me and a buddy were having about the axe fx. He was just talking mad sh$t about it so I wanted to find out what he didn't like about it, and his answer was " I don't know I've never played through one I just know its not as good as the real thing and probably just sounds like crap....hahaha What! how can you hate something you have never tried or probably really heard. He was/is a "Tone Snob". This is just a personal opinion but I'm a strong believer in good tone comes from your hands and the way you pick. Everything else is just tools to help with the tone. Does the painter rely on a certain paintbrush to paint his picture or his hands? Now I do get you can't paint a pretty picture with a broken brush or easel, just like you can't get a great tone with a ripped speaker cone or broken, out of tune guitar. The song or picture comes from the musician or painter. Having a Bogner or Soldano with a custom shop Paul Reed Smith or Gibson Les Paul would be very nice to have and even more amazing to play through but no required to write an amazing song or have a nice guitar tone. I'm not a fan of line 6 amps at all but if someone said your playing a spider tonight, guess what  I would play my best and find the best tone I could out of it and give the best performance I could. The only people that  might say something are the few Tone snobs that probably weren't even paying attention to your awesome performance and just want to tell you how they achieve "perfect tone" and how yours sucks.To end this lets just all not become that guy(tone snob), instead of worrying about a amp or piece of gear making your song or tone sound better try practicing tell you perfect or write better songs. Lets start 2017 off by ridding of the tone snobs!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is recording at home the new go to studio?

Hey what's up everyone Rook here, and so is the digital new age. The future is here and recording at home is easier than ever. Whether it's a IRIG going through your phone or iPad, a $100 usb interface, or the old school all analog way of doing things, getting a good sound is becoming something everyone can do. With this going on what's going to happen with the professionals who are actually Audio Engineers, are they going to be able to compete with the future of technology? I am not talking about the people who claim the are "professionals" when they just bought a interface a week ago and record with gargeband.(Nothing wrong with garage band but you know who I'm talking about!)My personal opinion is always go to the pro's and use the best equipment available for the sound your trying to achieve, but what happens when your bands song you recorded with a $100 interface and the skills you learned overtime becomes a huge success? I'm sure all of you have been in a pro quality studio or know someone who has, and have found out it can be very expensive.
So cutting out studio costs and having a DiY approach could save you a lot of money in the end, but is it really worth it?I know alot of the pro and seasoned audio engineers are starting to take the teacher/education route, which is very cool and helpful to us just starting out in this journey of sound. With websites like Creativelive, NailtheMix, YouTube, and many others there's no excuse of not knowing or learning how to capture a amazing sound or mix.How do you feel about this subject or the future of recording? Comment below!

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Friday, April 08, 2016

Are youtube cover videos lame?

Hey whats up everyone. Youtube seems to be flooded with cover videos, Some are I myself have made some and get some ok responses, mostly just people wanting me to check out their stuff. Usually the audio is recorded seperate from the video, sometimes even recorded after the video was made. To other musicians how do you feel on this subject? Is it a good way to get discovered or make revenue off youtbe? There are people who make a living just off youtube for sure. SOmetimes i wonder is it cheating to record the video and audio seperately? If your learning a new song watching a few cover videos can defiantly make the learning experience alot easier. Getting into guitar lessons on youtube is another great way to learn. Sometimes theres videos with tabs alongside the lesson which is awesome! So in conclusion are youtubes covers/Playthroughs lame? Let me know!
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