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Saturday, September 29, 2007


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I don't know about anybody out there, but I'm 62 years old, born into the 50's era and I'm so grateful I was around whilst all that was going on in the 60's. Before the 60's there really wasn't any decent music.......then there was Elvis....... then there was the Shadows, then the Beatles. Anything after that has just been imitation!  Maybe not quite........but if you're a 60's kid like me , you will know what I mean.
Boy do I enjoy life. I have a fantastic wife, two great kids, I'm comfortable although not rich, I have my music and some really good friends. What else could anybody need?
Sorry if I sound a bit fatuous but I really am a contented guy and, in today's World, that's getting more and more rare. I'm a lucky guy.
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