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Friday, May 07, 2010

Another year another senior send off

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next friday i go to try out for senior send off at my school.  it is alot like a talent show but dedicated to the graduating seniors.  i am going to see if i can play 3 songs for them.  one song is iron man the other two are ones i have written.  what i plan to do is wait behind the door.  play my guitar and walk down the gym floor slowly as i play the beginning to iron man. you know the part were theres just the three long stream notes.  i am wearing an iron man mask and an AC/DC iron man 2 t shirt.  most likley i will be on a wheel chair because of my surgery... its not what i had originally planned but it will be funny.  if they scream for one more i will play my all guitar song.  if they beg for more i will play the last song called broken heart. i hope they enjoy it. well tell me what you think of the idea.  keep rockin, keep shreddin, keep livin.  Rock ON :headbang::dance::finger::cheers::idea:
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