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Friday, May 07, 2010

Another year another senior send off

next friday i go to try out for senior send off at my school. it is alot like a talent show but dedicated to the graduating seniors. i am going to see if i can play 3 songs for them. one song is iron man the other two are ones i have written. what i plan to do is wait behind the door. play my guitar and walk down the gym floor slowly as i play the beginning to iron man. you know the part were theres just the three long stream notes. i am wearing an iron man mask and an AC/DC iron man 2 t shirt. most likley i will be on a wheel chair because of my surgery... its not what i had originally planned but it will be funny. if they scream for one more i will play my all guitar song. if they beg for more i will play the last song called broken heart. i hope they enjoy it. well tell me what you think of the idea. keep rockin, keep shreddin, keep livin. Rock ON :headbang::dance::finger::cheers::idea:
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working on a new song

Hey, im working on my second guitar song... i hope it turns out well, i think i have the riffs i want for it down, now i just gotta put them in an awesome order and come up with solos and lyrics... wish me luck
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Friday, November 20, 2009

sorry i havnt been on in awhile

well its like the first time ive been on in forever so.... news updates... i worked pretty much all summer. i now have a baby sister. im back in school. im 17. still single. i got to play for the school senior sendoff last year but they only had me play fricken back ground music.... it was gay... but what i played was the final countdown by europe... iused this sights way of using the piano onthe guitar for that special line it was cool. i also got me a metal muff! omg it sounds so flipping sweet!!! i have been playing it ever since i got it and omg the batteries run dry on these things quick... i need an ac. but all i have been doing is soloing on it... omg im almost convinced i am ready for a band:haha::haha::haha::haha::wtf::golfclap::headbang::bash::dance::finger::cheers::devil:
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Monday, March 16, 2009

i need like 48 hours in a day

i need more time in a day. i have like no time to play the guitar. between school, play practice, and track. Bible study, homework, friends, and a girl im interested in. why cant we just have 48 hours in one day? sleep for 16 hours and have same school hours, work hours, just more free time to do what we want? i want to improve so much but i have no time to work. i have only myself as a teacher, i need a job for money to get a teacher, and i have no band to practice with, and i only have shitty equipment. how am i supposed to get better if i have no teacher no time and no equipment? all i have is a chord that breaks out, a guitar, and an amp with no distortion. i have no pedles, no distortion, and half the time the stuff im playing dont sound right when the chord cuts out the connection. i need help. i need a miracle. help me Jesus.:headbang::dance::bash::cheers::angry::heart::grrr::no::liplick::golfclap::wtf:
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Monday, March 02, 2009

still improving

well im still not very good but i am getting better. i decided to work on the pentonic scale to improve soloing and it sounds amazing to me. others may think of it as pshhhhhhhhhh i can do that but to me its improvement i am getting better and i am so happy lol. i know its pathetic but i am happy to be improving without a teacher. i know im gonna need one but i think im doin alright on my own. anyways i met this awesome girl named jessica lol shes cool. shes been playing since she was 5 and she might teach me. lucky me. hope it works out see ya:heart::liplick::headbang::bash::dance::finger::cheers::kiss::wavey::wtf::down::liplick:lol i love these things alright later
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

is getting better

about a week ago i was just jamming to my guitar. a couple days before that i was jamming with other kids and i felt so bad... i felt like i was horrible compared to them. on the day i was jamming alone i decided to open my guitar book for beginners. i looked at some of the scales and i started playing stuff from the book. after that i took that scale and just played it everywhere. turns out i am not that bad. i just need to learn more scales to make a good sound on the fret board. if i can learn them i may be able to get better. also i prayed to the lord submitting to him, after i was done praying i closed my eyes and i just started to play, i dont know if it was cowincidence or however to spell it or not but all i know is i played alot better than i usually do! it might not make a good song but i was making good sound at a good speed i think. others might think otherwise but i enjoyed myself and i was proud of myself. well talk later:wavey:later.
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Needs some friends on here

hey guys,:wavey: as you can tell i dont have alot of friends, if you feel like adding me dont be shy, unless your a huge jerk ill add ya. and im sure most of you are nice. well whats been going on with me so far, a few days ago ive learned the song War Pigs. i feel a lot better about myself after that lol. pathetic huh? oh well its a good song and i can play it thats all i can care about. ive been working on my scales and my chords latly. i feel if i can change chords faster i can be better at picking faster on single notes. and better hand cordination for the single notes for solos and scales. what i really need to learn to do is how to sweep pick faster and palm mute alot faster without messing up lol. those are my weakness now. i also would like to learn how to do those squeals. well i gotta get back to practice ill post ya later. Rock on! (Your local Rockstar) RockerxMichael:headbang:
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Monday, January 05, 2009

War Pigs

i dont know why but this weekend on sunday i decided to try to learn the awesome song War Pigs. It took some dedication but i learned most of the entire song in just one day. i have bits and peices on every solo on there so i can make it sound somewhat like the actual song but id still like to try to remember the whole thing. i feel though that i know the song enough to be allowed to say i can play this song! it sounds just like the one on the cd! its sweet. im so happy. he he. if the school has a talent show thats what im playing and if im allowed to play more then i shall play iron man! im goin ozzy baby =) Rock on!:headbang:
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry if i cant get on

My internet shut down on me at home. so i have to use the schools computer to log on and im gonna try and get on at the library at times. so if you post or request me something and i dont answer for a while, its not that i dont care... its that i just havnt goten on yet or when i was on i was in a huge rush and i just could do anything at the time. and if that is the case im sorry. rock on everyone:headbang:
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I saw an AC/DC concert last month! it was fucking awesome!!! Angus young is old but he still kicks ass at rock n roll. The whole show was like a dream. I got to see my idol in the same room as me doing what i wanted to do. as i stood there in the stands i closed my eyes. listend to the music. looked at the crowed and imagined me being angus. playing the music i love and having thousands of fans. i wonder how he can shake off thousands of pple and just free willey his guitar. idk but i want to be able to play like he can. even though hes old he is still the best
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