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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Songs I know...

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I've seen a few blogs like this and thought it was kinda coo to see what others knew how to play. I'm going to try to keep this from getting out of control, so if it has a * beside it then I know the entire album, otherwise it's just songs.

It all started with The Doors to be quite honest, but my tastes haven't changed over the years...just expanded, aside from country music, there's not much I don't listen to...so here it goes:

The Doors: The Doors*, Strange Days, Peace Frog, Roadhouse Blues, Maggie McGill, Love Me Two Times, Moonlight Drive

AFI: The Leaving Song,Part2, Silver and Cold, Dancing Through Sunday, The Great Disappointment, This Celluloid Dream, Ever and a Day, The Days of the Phoenix, 6 to 8, Morningstar

Alexisonfire: Accidents, Hey,It's Your Funeral Mama, Get Fighted, .44 Caliber Love Letter, Polaroids of Polar Bears, Where No One Knows, Tonight I Am Going to Wash the Hippy, Boiled Frogs, Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints, Mailbox Arson

Dance Gavin Dance: Hot Water on Wool, Alex English, Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most, Rock Solid, Carl Barker, Strawberry Swisher Pt.2

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin*, Led Zeppelin II*, Immigrant Song, Tangerine, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven, In My Time of Dying, Houses of the Holy, The Wanton Song, Over the Hills and Far Away, Dancing Days, No Quarter, The Ocean

Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression, Red House, I Don't Live Today, Fire, Remember, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Spanish Castle Magic, Little Wing, If 6 Was 9, Castles Made of Sand, Bold As Love, The Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Killing Floor, Hear My Train A Comin', Crosstown Traffic, Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland), 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be), All Along the Watchtower.....I'm a HUGE Hendrix fanatic, I owe much of my skill to the late great guitar magician.

The Fall of Troy: I Just Got This Symphony Goin', F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X., Reassurance Rests in the Sea, Panic Attack!, Single, People and Their Lives, Nobody's Perfect, Webs, Quarter Past, Semi-Fiction, Ex-Creations, Caught Up

Nirvana: Bleach*, Nevermind*, Incesticide*, In Utero*...not to mention all the rare tracks like Endless, Nameless, Pencap Chew, and Moist Vagina. I first started playing guitar in 1991, so Nirvana was huge, and naturally I was a fan for life. I owe Kurt just as much as Jimi, his music nurtured the punkrock underground side of my style....Thanks Kurt.

Weezer: The Blue Album*, Hash Pipe, Island in the Sun, Pork and Beans, Heart Songs (if you're my age...this song fuckin' means A LOT!), Everybody Get Dangerous, Automatic, El Scorcho, No Other One, Beverly Hills, Perfect Situation, We Are All On Drugs, King

Stone Temple Pilots: Sex Type Thing, Naked Sunday, Creep, Plush, Crackerman, Meatplow, Unglued, Still Remains, Pretty Penny, Big Empty, Army Ants, Big Bang Baby

Deftones: (Like) Linus*, Adrenaline*, Around the Fur*, White Pony*, Hole in the Earth, Beware, Mein, Rats!Rats!Rats!, KimDracula, Hexagram, Minerva, When Girls Telephone Boys, Battle-Axe, Bloody Cape, Savory...the Deftones were just starting out in 1995 and I got the Adrenaline cd free with a subscription to Thrasher Magazine. They were my first taste of true hardcore, and left quite an impression. Most of my friends didn't like them, but I didn't care one bit, I've been an avid fan ever since, I own Stephen's signature model 7 string and bite his style of playing hard. I can't make the 7 string sound like his 8 string model, so I have yet to learn anything off the Diamond Eyes album, but I will. They are yet another HUGE influence on my music and I wouldn't play the same without them.

Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine*, Evil Empire*, The Battle of Los Angeles*, Renegades*, No Shelter, Zapata's Blood, Fuck Tha Police, Darkness, Clear the Lane...there's not a fucking track recorded by them I don't know!! The year was 92, I was just learning how to play guitar, I was a full time skater, and their first album ripped the fucking doors right off the hinges!! I held my head higher after listening to them, I've still never heard music as powerful as theirs, they had a message...and I understood it loud and clear! Because of Tom Morello I threw all conventional playing styles right out the window, I started experimenting with sounds, and found the fun and energy of letting go and not giving a shit what anyone else thought, just being "me"...and proud! Without a doubt...they changed me forever...and I couldn't be happier.

I now see that this will take a while, I've only scratched the surface, if I were to guess...I'd say I knew thousands of songs by now, by all sorts of different artists. When I find some more time I'll continue...
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Bob_Smith wrote on Jan 3rd, 2011 6:34am

I'll give this a shot, but there will definitely be ones that I forget. The other thing is I know a lot of partial songs since I rotate them as use for exercises etc

---------scratch that, I'll be here for far too long if I try to list everything.
Basically I've been rotating:
Dream Theater: A Nightmare To Remember, A Rite of Passage, The Count of Tuscany, The Root of All Evil, Never Enough, Home, In The Presence of Enemies Pts 1+2, Forsaken, Constant Motion The Dark Eternal Night, As I Am, Honor THy Father, In The Name Of God
John Petrucci: Glasgow Kiss, Tunnel Vision, Damage Control

Occasionally I'll throw in a couple of other things
Paramore: I've pretty much played every one of their songs at some point, and probably performed about a third of them
Arch Enemy: Bridge of Destiny
Breaking Benjamin: The Diary of Jane, Breath
The Butterfly Effect: Again, played pretty much everything


Bob_Smith wrote on Jan 3rd, 2011 6:34am

Children of Bodom: Banned From Heaven
Coheed & Cambria: Welcome Home, The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut
The Eagles: Hotel California, Life In The Fast Lane
Evanescence: Going Under, Torniquet, Call Me When You're Sober
Green Day: various.... though not more than about 5
Hey Monday: Hold On Tight* - was figuring out most of their stuff by ear so I can't remember a lot of it
In This Moment: Beautiful Tragedy, Mechanical Love
Incubus: Megalomaniac, Drive, A Kiss To Send Us Off, Nice To Know You, Privilege
John Mayer: No Such Thing, Why Georgia, Neon, 83, Love Song For No One, Back To You, Clarity, Bigger Than My Body, Something's Missing, New Deep, Daughters, Only Heart, Wheel, Waiting On The World To Change, I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), Belief, Gravity, Stop This Train, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Who Did You Think I Was, Good Love Is On The Way
Karnivool: COTE, Shutterspeed, New Day, Deadman

...and that's not even half the alphabet


Ratchet27 wrote on Jan 7th, 2011 10:53am

Yup. You easily know a good hundred times more songs than i do.


freedomdemon wrote on Jan 15th, 2011 3:53am

holy shit man i would be happy to now 1/8 of the songs you now


levymonroe wrote on Jan 15th, 2011 8:53pm

i got credit kurt too. amazing guitarist.


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