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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Band Practice

Current mood: Hungover...yet happy

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Fate has a funny way of bringing things together, for anyone who didn't know I'm in a three piece band with some seasoned musicians, we all have about 17 years experience on our instruments, and the bass player and myself can play several instruments.

Well, we have been busy living our lives for the last few months, which hasn't been easy for either one of us, we've all been going through some rough shit, be it jobs, cash, relationships, and numerous other personal probs. So long story short...we haven't done shit all summer!! All these beautiful days wasted, and a slew of opportunities passed by.

Yesterday, I got a wild hair up my ass, so out of nowhere I decided to text my bass player and ask him if he felt like jamming, within seconds he called me back and told me he had already been in touch with the drummer and was on his way out. So I packed my gear and went out to catch up with the fellas.

Turns out the bass player brought his Tele, because I have the bass at my house, so he was playing guitar, which is what he originally started out playing when we were all still young and ambitious. I rather enjoyed it, he is a good guitarist.

We spent the first hour or so just talking and knocking back a few cold ones and burning it down, catching up so to speak!
After we all had a nice buzz we set up out on the drummers front porch, just to see what happens and to enjoy the last days of summer. I think we were all in the mood to cut loose, so after we got the kinks worked out with the gear, we started playing.

We had no set plans, we just started playing whatever came to us, feeding off one another. The bass player is a very good guitarist, and I loved just running off into solo land, not having to worry about keeping the structure, just playing lead. I think he should keep playing guitar, we can find a bass player, he seemed much happier with the guitar in his hands, and I'm way happier with a guitar in his hands! 

My girl was recording it with a cam, so once we get around to it, I'll post a vid or two. And apparently we could be heard for miles around, so we ended up with an audience, nothing big, but it's always nice to be heard. I even sent one of them on a beer run, so he at least earned his ticket. LMAO!

The fate part comes in...I know a guy that's head of entertainment at a new local club, "Lucky 8's", and he wants to get some live bands to come play, and it's a paying gig...and all three of us could use some extra bread!
So, we'll see what happens, I would love to find a bass player and keep my man on guitar, but that's easier said than done. Who knows, this might be fun...I just have a feeling, it's about time for things to break loose...and I'm more than ready for a good time!! 
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levymonroe wrote on Sep 5th, 2010 8:53pm

sounds likes ur bass player real good! hope u get the gig at the club.


xanzan wrote on Sep 7th, 2010 7:28am

Now play your cards right and release an album and become like the next U2 or rolling stones or something like that... i wanna buy your records!


edsirucha wrote on Sep 19th, 2010 4:18pm

Keep looking up mate.The sky's the limit


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