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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Songs I know...

Current mood: accomplished

I've seen a few blogs like this and thought it was kinda coo to see what others knew how to play. I'm going to try to keep this from getting out of control, so if it has a * beside it then I know the entire album, otherwise it's just songs.

It all started with The Doors to be quite honest, but my tastes haven't changed over the years...just expanded, aside from country music, there's not much I don't listen to...so here it goes:

The Doors: The Doors*, Strange Days, Peace Frog, Roadhouse Blues, Maggie McGill, Love Me Two Times, Moonlight Drive

AFI: The Leaving Song,Part2, Silver and Cold, Dancing Through Sunday, The Great Disappointment, This Celluloid Dream, Ever and a Day, The Days of the Phoenix, 6 to 8, Morningstar

Alexisonfire: Accidents, Hey,It's Your Funeral Mama, Get Fighted, .44 Caliber Love Letter, Polaroids of Polar Bears, Where No One Knows, Tonight I Am Going to Wash the Hippy, Boiled Frogs, Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints, Mailbox Arson

Dance Gavin Dance: Hot Water on Wool, Alex English, Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most, Rock Solid, Carl Barker, Strawberry Swisher Pt.2

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin*, Led Zeppelin II*, Immigrant Song, Tangerine, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven, In My Time of Dying, Houses of the Holy, The Wanton Song, Over the Hills and Far Away, Dancing Days, No Quarter, The Ocean

Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression, Red House, I Don't Live Today, Fire, Remember, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Spanish Castle Magic, Little Wing, If 6 Was 9, Castles Made of Sand, Bold As Love, The Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Killing Floor, Hear My Train A Comin', Crosstown Traffic, Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland), 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be), All Along the Watchtower.....I'm a HUGE Hendrix fanatic, I owe much of my skill to the late great guitar magician.

The Fall of Troy: I Just Got This Symphony Goin', F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X., Reassurance Rests in the Sea, Panic Attack!, Single, People and Their Lives, Nobody's Perfect, Webs, Quarter Past, Semi-Fiction, Ex-Creations, Caught Up

Nirvana: Bleach*, Nevermind*, Incesticide*, In Utero*...not to mention all the rare tracks like Endless, Nameless, Pencap Chew, and Moist Vagina. I first started playing guitar in 1991, so Nirvana was huge, and naturally I was a fan for life. I owe Kurt just as much as Jimi, his music nurtured the punkrock underground side of my style....Thanks Kurt.

Weezer: The Blue Album*, Hash Pipe, Island in the Sun, Pork and Beans, Heart Songs (if you're my age...this song fuckin' means A LOT!), Everybody Get Dangerous, Automatic, El Scorcho, No Other One, Beverly Hills, Perfect Situation, We Are All On Drugs, King

Stone Temple Pilots: Sex Type Thing, Naked Sunday, Creep, Plush, Crackerman, Meatplow, Unglued, Still Remains, Pretty Penny, Big Empty, Army Ants, Big Bang Baby

Deftones: (Like) Linus*, Adrenaline*, Around the Fur*, White Pony*, Hole in the Earth, Beware, Mein, Rats!Rats!Rats!, KimDracula, Hexagram, Minerva, When Girls Telephone Boys, Battle-Axe, Bloody Cape, Savory...the Deftones were just starting out in 1995 and I got the Adrenaline cd free with a subscription to Thrasher Magazine. They were my first taste of true hardcore, and left quite an impression. Most of my friends didn't like them, but I didn't care one bit, I've been an avid fan ever since, I own Stephen's signature model 7 string and bite his style of playing hard. I can't make the 7 string sound like his 8 string model, so I have yet to learn anything off the Diamond Eyes album, but I will. They are yet another HUGE influence on my music and I wouldn't play the same without them.

Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine*, Evil Empire*, The Battle of Los Angeles*, Renegades*, No Shelter, Zapata's Blood, Fuck Tha Police, Darkness, Clear the Lane...there's not a fucking track recorded by them I don't know!! The year was 92, I was just learning how to play guitar, I was a full time skater, and their first album ripped the fucking doors right off the hinges!! I held my head higher after listening to them, I've still never heard music as powerful as theirs, they had a message...and I understood it loud and clear! Because of Tom Morello I threw all conventional playing styles right out the window, I started experimenting with sounds, and found the fun and energy of letting go and not giving a shit what anyone else thought, just being "me"...and proud! Without a doubt...they changed me forever...and I couldn't be happier.

I now see that this will take a while, I've only scratched the surface, if I were to guess...I'd say I knew thousands of songs by now, by all sorts of different artists. When I find some more time I'll continue...
8:05 pm - 5 comments - 6 Kudos
Sunday, November 07, 2010

Where I've been

Current mood: determined

I have been out of touch with the site for the most part for the last few months, other than the occasional stop to see what's going on and to answer a few messages. I seem to have lost touch with some friends here, please understand that I'm not being a jerk or ignoring anyone, I've simply been busy. I have a full time welding job, and hard as it is...I love it! But the rest of my time has been spent here...doing what I love...

We've been working as much as we can to get an album together, and trying to master everything before we go into a studio. As you can see we have no bass player, so we have to add it in before we mixdown our tracks. If anyone in the southside Virginia or northern North Carolina area is interested, we have room for you!

We are doing covers for most live shows with a few originals mixed in, with different bass players standing in, friends from other bands we know, but we need one of our own. We want to get someone before we go into the studio, because it's $40 an hour, and all mistakes are quite costly.

We already have a band manager hanging around...as you can see...so you need not apply!

We are very experienced players, all three of us have been in several bands and have played live numerous times, we're looking for a bass player with the same. We play all types of music, but our original material is a bit on the heavy side, think Glassjaw or At the Drive-in. We both sing and scream, but any vocalists are welcome too, I would like to just play lead as opposed to both...but it works for now. We have plenty of equipment, but I'd expect anyone serious to have their own gear.
So if anyone from the site is interested PM me and we'll go from there, and I don't want to sound mean, but serious inquiries only please.
Anywho...that's what I've been so busy doing the last few months, learning and writing songs non-stop, practicing endlessly, trying yet again to get this thing off the ground.
4:02 pm - 3 comments - 4 Kudos
Sunday, September 05, 2010

Band Practice

Current mood: Hungover...yet happy

Fate has a funny way of bringing things together, for anyone who didn't know I'm in a three piece band with some seasoned musicians, we all have about 17 years experience on our instruments, and the bass player and myself can play several instruments.

Well, we have been busy living our lives for the last few months, which hasn't been easy for either one of us, we've all been going through some rough shit, be it jobs, cash, relationships, and numerous other personal probs. So long story short...we haven't done shit all summer!! All these beautiful days wasted, and a slew of opportunities passed by.

Yesterday, I got a wild hair up my ass, so out of nowhere I decided to text my bass player and ask him if he felt like jamming, within seconds he called me back and told me he had already been in touch with the drummer and was on his way out. So I packed my gear and went out to catch up with the fellas.

Turns out the bass player brought his Tele, because I have the bass at my house, so he was playing guitar, which is what he originally started out playing when we were all still young and ambitious. I rather enjoyed it, he is a good guitarist.

We spent the first hour or so just talking and knocking back a few cold ones and burning it down, catching up so to speak!
After we all had a nice buzz we set up out on the drummers front porch, just to see what happens and to enjoy the last days of summer. I think we were all in the mood to cut loose, so after we got the kinks worked out with the gear, we started playing.

We had no set plans, we just started playing whatever came to us, feeding off one another. The bass player is a very good guitarist, and I loved just running off into solo land, not having to worry about keeping the structure, just playing lead. I think he should keep playing guitar, we can find a bass player, he seemed much happier with the guitar in his hands, and I'm way happier with a guitar in his hands!

My girl was recording it with a cam, so once we get around to it, I'll post a vid or two. And apparently we could be heard for miles around, so we ended up with an audience, nothing big, but it's always nice to be heard. I even sent one of them on a beer run, so he at least earned his ticket. LMAO!

The fate part comes in...I know a guy that's head of entertainment at a new local club, "Lucky 8's", and he wants to get some live bands to come play, and it's a paying gig...and all three of us could use some extra bread!
So, we'll see what happens, I would love to find a bass player and keep my man on guitar, but that's easier said than done. Who knows, this might be fun...I just have a feeling, it's about time for things to break loose...and I'm more than ready for a good time!!
4:58 pm - 3 comments - 2 Kudos
Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Current mood: hopeful

Hello fellow UGers ,
I thought I would just say a few words about what's been going on lately. I was going through a rough spot in my life for the last few weeks, made some hard choices, but ultimately came out for the better I think. I was semi-active here on the site, but depressed as hell, so I wasn't able to apply myself fully. I had some computer problems as well, but have worked them out finally.
Now I'm back, and in full force! The last few weeks were very hard for me, which drove me back to my guitar, like the hard times usually do. I have a ton of new material...new songs, riffs, a few new effect setups, I was trying to find something, a way to escape, and I think I stumbled onto some coo stuff.
I will be recording some of it within the next few weeks, and uploading it soon, I put a lot of feeling and passion into my new music, a lot of anger and aggression, a lot of myself. I have a bit of everything coming out of me, and as always, it comes out best through my music. I don't always say or do the right things, but I never have a problem with my heart coming out through my guitar, it's the one thing I never seem to mess up.
I'm looking forward to getting this out and seeing what happens, where it takes me from here, I hope everyone digs it as much as I do.
5:51 pm - 4 comments - 6 Kudos
Friday, June 18, 2010

A Brief Update

Current mood: depressed

Hello everyone, or anyone...(this means you)

I just thought I would say a few words about what I've been up to. I have been experiencing some hard times in the family, a loved one is having kidney failure. She is diabetic, so dialysis is not looking like a very good option, and the hospitals have yet to complete the tests and get back to us with an answer, so we are in emotional limbo. There's nothing worse than waiting for a doctor to do his job, I know it sounds like I'm impatient, and I understand he's a busy man with lots of other patients...but the shit's killing us. So I apologize if I haven't gotten back to anyone, I promise I will.

I was working on a cover of The Black Crows song "She Talks to Angels" before all this started, it has nothing to do with this situation, I just love that song, although I guess it is rather fitting. I actually sing, so if anyone wanted to hear me, now's your chance. I'm sorry if this is short, but I can't really focus at the moment, but I will be in and out, so please don't stop sending the lovely comments, you have no idea how much they help cheer me up, now more than ever.

Thank you all!
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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pouring Out

Current mood: drained

Well I finally put up an original. I was just sitting there with my acoustie and decided to hook up the mic and see what happens.

First, I had to make a stand, I didn't get that from my bandmate, slipped my mind. So I spring clamped it to a stick, it worked great, so I kept the stick. (it was a piece of conduit really, pays to be a welder)

By the time I was ready I was soaked with sweat, it's about 90 and the humidity is sky high here in Virginia, so that's what put me in the bad mood. That's also the reason for the title, I just let my fingers flow, much like the sweat. I did three tracks, all one take, and since I asked to use my buddy LOve Trumpet's bass, I figured I'd better put it to use before he comes to get it.

Afterwords, I started to mix it all down, still sweating in the Virginia hell heat, I decided that some rain would fit into the track nicely. If I can't feel that beautiful rain, at least I can listen to it. So remember...more than my heart was pouring out in that song, I would appreciate some coo comments and some honest ratings, after all, this is my first complete original I've posted here on UG. lol
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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Riff Story...

Current mood: thankful

I just thought I would tell my story...so here goes.

When I was 12 I was at a friends house, I had never ever thought about a guitar, but his mother came in and told him it was time for his guitar lesson. He asked his mom if I could tag along rather than go home and of course she didn't care. So we get there and I was starting to think I was going to regret this, having to sit there for an hour, but once they got going, playing different styles and messing with all sorts of effects, I was mesmerized. After wards all I did was ask him question about guitar, I think even he was tired of me asking him things about guitar, but the bug had already bitten me, and a life long addiction was already in my blood...I wanted a guitar!

Some months passed, but my parents didn't think I was serious, they must have thought they would be wasting money, that I would get a guitar and play it for a day, after all I was only 12. So I ended up getting my hands on crappy ass pawnshop guitars, each one with it's own problem of some sort...neck twists, electrical f*#k-ups, bridge saddles were missing...you get the point. I figured they were already messed up so what could really happen if I experiment, I started pulling them apart and putting them back together with all the pieces I had...the body style I liked with a neck that wasn't twisted and re-soldiered the pickups so they actually worked...did the best I could with what I had, and with what little knowledge I had.

I started to learn songs by ear, whatever I liked at the time I would try to play, Nirvana, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins...what I could figure out anyway. Then I found out my neighbor had an acoustic, so I was not alone, I had a partner at last. He showed me how to read tabs and introduced me to magazines like Guitar World and Guitar Player. We started to really make progress at that point, and my parents took notice and finally bought me a good axe, a Kramer Striker.

By 16 I had played live a few times in front of small crowds, mostly friends and family, and had a band put together. We did well considering we still needed to learn our instruments better, we stuck to covers mostly, but we would just try and improvise sometimes, learned a lot from all that...lmao. I started to get more serious about music and began looking for better bands to join. I would try to learn everything I could to improve my playing, and it payed off, I've been in some awesome bands. I don't want to drop names, but if you look hard enough....

Not long after I met Heroine Suicide from the Suicide Girls web site, for those of you who know what that is, we became friends, and...well you know the rest. She is the beat thing since sliced bread...seriously! She is a professional model and photographer, we try to support each others pastimes and we keep each other going, I never would have thought I would end up with a model...thank you rock n roll!! I was going full speed, living life as hard as I could, I was into drugs and alcohol, the whole cleshay.

When I was 23 I was rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, I died for 38 seconds, but they managed to save my ass. That's when I finally started to pump my brakes before I did something I couldn't fix. I stopped all the shit, except for smoking bud, that's never killed anyone, I didn't drink for a long time after all that. I still drink now, but not like I used to, I'll have a few beers and a shot or two, instead of 20 shots and five mixed drinks like before.

Nowadays I have a job as a welder, it's hard work, but if you know what a welder makes, you'll understand. I spend my free time with some great friends, and I'm still in a working band, but we all do it for the love of making noise, nothing more. My dreams of stardom have given way to dreams of simply letting what's in my heart flow through my fingers, I don't worry what people think of me or my music, I am who I am...I wouldn't change a thing.

My last word...or words of wisdom are this:
" We all only get one shot at living this life, and it's not very long...so what the hell are you waiting for?"
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Can I Ask...

Current mood: curious

I notice that everyone likes the jams on my profile, and believe me, you all have no idea the smile that I get from some of your comments, THANK YOU ALL!
Although, I see people check my playing skills...but no one rates or comments them.( with the exception of Mechaghostman2, thanks again ) I took some of my old ones down because I wasn't satisfied with them, I'm not totally satisfied with my new ones, but they'll have to do for now I guess.
Anyway, is it because they're that bad? You listen to it and go...
"Wow, I can't even think of something nice to say, so I just won't say anything."
So if you all do start to rate them...*hint hint* please be honest, if it sounds like crap, don't try to polish the turd, just tell me what's wrong with it in your opinion. If you really like it...then you can send me a dollar!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Third Times a Charm!!! (I hope)

Current mood: anxious

Well, I have been trying to submit my first tab to the site, but I ran up on a few snags.

My band and I wanted to cover Beware by the Deftones awhile back, so I came to the site and looked for the tabs, they had one for 7 string and the others were for 6 string. So I played the song and started to play along using the tabs I found, but they were not the right tuning, not tuned low enough.

We cover the Deftones a lot, so I know their tunings, the Adrenaline album is the only one in regular tuning, then they started dropping lower and lower. By their self-titled album Stephen switched over to 7 string, so I bought his signature model, the SC207, click on the link or go to my gear to have a look at it. Now he has gone to 8 string, (damn you Stephen, how many guitars do I have to buy?) he is heavily influenced by Meshuggah and I believe that's why he keeps changing up.

Anywho, I started to research the song, I went on YouTube and watched some live performances, that's when I found out that Chino plays 90% of the song on a 6 string, Stephen only plays at the end of the song. I keep my Strat tuned to drop C most of the time, so I started to figure the song out by watching Chino's position on the fretboard.

This was a couple months ago, so I checked to see if anyone tabbed it out this way yet, and all I found was the same tabs, so I decided to make this my first contribution to the site. Tabbed it out and submitted it...denied, ok, must have done something wrong, picked through it with a fine tooth comb, re-submitted it...denied. Now I start to search through the forums for my answer, that's when I learned that if you tab something out in Notepad it can't exceed 80 columns wide, so I just fixed that and submitted it for the third time. They say "third times a charm" right? I sure as hell hope so...lol!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!

Current mood: amused

All seems to be working out just fine lately,
I learned my King Crimson song and can't stop playing it,
I got this html code stuff well under control now,
and it's been raining for like three days now, so nothing but me and my guitar, no one has tried to bother me.
I just sold my old Washburn yesterday, that and my old Charvel amp, I practically gave it away. An old friend of mine came over and watched us play, he was inspired by it and started talking about buying a guitar but it was so much money, so I basically threw it at him and told him to give me what he could when he could. He already plays a little bit, I just hope he plays the damn thing!
Anyway, what you been up to?...oh, really....you don't say!!
(yes, I'm mildly insane...so what right?)
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