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Saturday, June 07, 2008

First Concert

Current mood: relaxed

So, it was my first concert. I was going to up to Dublin to see one of my favourite bands, Bullet For My Valentine. As it was my first concert, I didn't know what to expect. Of course I've seen videos of pits and the like but never actually experienced one. My friend, who had prior experience with Iron Maiden and Trivium was accompanying me.

We got the train from Limerick to Dublin where we spent most of the train journey listening to Bullet to get in the mood. From there we got the Luas to Abbey Street and went to Jury's Inn, where we were staying, conveniantly it was just across the road from the Ambassador. We saw a big crowd queuing up and thought we were in for a big wait but it had disappeared by the time we had checked into the hotel and we made our way to the  concert. They had opened the doors early.

The support act, a Dublin band called Eyesclosed, came out and I quickly got into the swing of things with Pits opening up in the centre of the floor, I got my first taste of a concert. When the support act were finished, out came the crew to change the equipment. Up came the roars of 'Bullet.' Steadily the crowd grew and things became more cramped. I was already sweating from Eyesclosed but was conveniantly cooled down by the cups of water being thrown about. It seemed ages before they came out and in the meantime we were treated to AC/Dc, Pantera and Stone Sour.

Then the moment came. The sillohouettes of the band were clearly visible and at the first drum beat of Scream, Aim, Fire the sheet was dropped to reveal the band, of course then it began. People started jumping in pushing people around, though at one stage we were watching two long-haired, topless men rtunning into each other until they both fell and dragged themselves up, which was the sign for us all to recommence.

I was impressed with the way that while there was a certain amount of aggression, people would always help people that had fallen over, as had happened to me the first time I'd entered.

Overall, it was a brilliant night, I was soaked to the skin in my own (and other peoples') sweat, but didn't care. I saw my favourite band for the first time and now it appears I have caught the bug, I can't wait until my next concert.
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