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Sunday, July 03, 2011

What I've got.

Recently it's occurred to me that I may be a guitar collector.  I play often and love it, but I don't really put much focus in playing live or forming a band.  I figured I may as well document what I've been buying just for the sake of it.  I may update this all with pictures and comments later.

Guitars: in order of purchasing
'04 Squier Standard Strat - Pickups replaced with Fender Custom '69s

'08 Epiphone Dot Studio (returned shortly after purchasing)

'09 Fender Standard Telecaster - Currently being customized in my spare time.

'10 Warmoth Split Jazzmaster

'No year (probably '08) Trinity River Banjitar

'09 Schecter Stargazer

'10 Yamaha APX 500 FM

'00 Squier Stagemaster

'02 Rickenbacker 650 Dakota

Amps: In order
Fender Frontman 15G
Line 6 Spider III 15 (returned shortly after purchasing)
Fender Frontman 212R (Got it as a graduation gift, I'd rather have tube)
Vox VT30 (For bedroom and when I have to be quiet)

Digitech XTD Drive (Resold)
Digitech XDD Delay
Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (Returned)
Boss AW-3 Auto Wah (Resold)
Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Drive
Digitech XMC Chorus
Digitech Jamman Stereo (Resold)
Digitech Whammy
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Dunlop 535Q Wah
Boss TU-2 Tuner

My chain is Guitar > TU-2 > Wah > CM-2 > Whammy > TR-2 > XMC > XDD > Amp

For now, I'm planning on selling the Digitech Chorus and replacing the Delay, but I love the drive that I have.  The reason I own so much Digitech is because that's all the local small store where I used to take lessons stocked, I'm starting to figure out that they're not all that great.  I'm looking into a fuzz but I can't decide what exactly I want out of it.  I've been thinking of a Devi Ever Bit, but I can't play one in person first because they're so scarce. I'd also love to build another Warmoth guitar, but I may hold that off until next summer.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Challenge Blog

Current mood: accomplished

Day -2:
Upon reading that we could start a couple days early due to the short nature of the month, I started by recording a short demo I had floating in my head with my acoustic guitar. I put together some vocals I wrote a couple weeks ago that, until then, had no home and it worked out almost perfectly.  After an hour of trying to record my horrible voice, I gave up for the day, content that I had put together some very solid (in my opinion) instrumentals in a very short time.

Day -1:

Not a damn thing.

Day 1 (Feb. 1st):
Revisited the track I recorded a few days ago, and after a couple attempts at recording a lead, I realized that I may as well just turn it into an instrumental featuring all of my guitars for the hell of it.  I may add vocals at the end when it's all otherwise finished, but for now my focus is going to be on the instrumentation.  I have the words and the melody written, but I have to work on my voice.

Otherwise I have at least four more sets of lyrics written, and one with chords put to it.  That one I've actually played live, but I've never recorded it (does this void the rules if I've actually 'finished' it?  It's still nowhere near where I want it to be but I've played it on stage).  I also have an instrumental written for an intro that I'll record when I have downtime between other songs since I plan on seeing what I can do with one guitar, one take, and my pedals.

More later.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

May as well.

Current mood: Shark Fight

I haven't had anything quite like a blog in a while, and I really kind of miss it.  Even if nobody reads this, I like having a place to write.

That said, I'll give a real update sometime later.
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