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Epiphone: Special II

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RebuildIta wrote on Apr 9th, 2011 5:56am

Mods: Roller nut and bridge, added a trem, chrome knobs,tuners and pickup rings instead of black, custom body cut, embedded tuner, scalloped.


Chimara wrote on Apr 24th, 2011 12:41am

This is some epic shiz bro! What did you do to the top of the body?


Chimara wrote on May 30th, 2011 8:14am

Did you coat the guitar with something or does the finish really look that smooth?


RebuildIta wrote on Jul 16th, 2011 3:26am

Oh oh, just saw Chimara's May 29 post today, sorry. The guitar's finish is original (and very shiny) except where I glued on the mirror, which is also very shiny.


RebuildIta wrote on Jul 16th, 2011 3:28am

Can someone tell me if that facebook post is working?


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