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Thursday, April 21, 2011

this is the downhill part...(caution dont read if

Current mood: pissed off

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Well... you know when you clutch the whole world in your hands and life itself seems to shine down on you with pride? Well good for you now shut the fuck up and get the hell outa lala land! Man one of my freinds died... i wanted to go to her funeral... my girlfreind went and i got stuck here! What the fuck!?!? Now im stuck here at school, im depressed as hell, and IM SOBER!!!! What the fuck is this?!?!?  Man i just wanna be fucking happy for more than one day!! My girlfreind was like "I dont wanna hurt you" and meanwhile she's about to ride to a funeral of a girl she barely knew with a dude/dudes (i dont know if its more than one) that i know likes her! Im not hurt... just... i only feel like my heart was surgically removed from my ass! No im not hurt!
Damnit i need to direct my anger somewhere else... not at her. See this is why i tend to get hammer'd when im depressed!
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